House in Hackney

Friday 15 Dec 2006

No. 19 Scoble Place is a strikingly modern house in a run-down corner of Hackney. It is a simple extruded pitched roof volume with Western Red Cedar cladding and a zinc roof. An upsidedown living arrangement affords an elevated position to the kitchen and living room with the ability to fully open up or close down to the street with big double doors and sliding shutters. The detailing is both robust and reductive.Scoble Place is a dead end road which leads off the Shacklewell Lane and Amhurst Road junction. It services the garages at the end of gardens along Farleigh Road but has previously suffered from being a dumping ground for rubbish and a hang-out for drug users.The house is acting as a catalyst for a regeneration of the street.The house was constructed for £150k and was completed in March 2006. The architects were David Tucker (to Stage E) and Cray Oborne (post Stage E).

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United Kingdom

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