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Tuesday 12 Dec 2006

Exclusive insight to Paul Andreu's National Theatre

The widely disputed Beijing National Theater is now close to completion and is scheduled to be put into operation in July 2007. The National Theater, located beside the west of Beijing People’s Great Hall and south of Chang’an Street, covers an area of 11.893 hectares, with a total construction area of 149520m2 and total investment of 2.688 Billion RMB Yuan. The main structure consists of a 2,461 seat opera house, concert hall with 2,017 seats, a theater with seating for 1,040 and a public hall together with support facilities covered by an exterior steel structure shell. Outside, the steel structure shell is a semi-ellipse form, with its plane projection latitudinal long axis of 212.20m, south-to-north short axis of 143.64m, construction height 46.285m and embedment depth of -32.5m. The ellipse roof adopts a titanium metal surface in the surface and glass curtain wall in the centre. The theatre is ‘floated’ in a man-made lake with an area of 35,500m2, and the main entrance and channels all are under the water.
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Interior 1
Interior 2
Rendering of foyer

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