Chipperfield Classic

Wednesday 29 Nov 2006

David Chipperfield Architects completes art museum in Germany

The museum is located in Marbach's scenic park, on top of a rock plateau overlooking the picturesque valley of the Neckar River. Displaying and archiving works of 20th century literature, notably the original manuscripts of Franz Kafka's ‘The Trial’ and Alfred Döblin's ‘Berlin Alexanderplatz’, the museum also provides panoramic views across and over the far distant landscape. Entered from its highest point, the pavilion-like interiors of the museum reveal themselves further the more one descends down through their display and archive spaces, preparing the visitor for the dark timber-panelled exhibition galleries, illuminated only by artificial light due to the fragility and sensitivity of the works on display. A clearly defined material concept using solid materials (fair-faced concrete, sandblasted reconstituted stone with limestone aggregate, limestone, wood, felt and glass) gives the calm, rational architectural language a sensual physical presence.

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