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Studio Bednarski secures planning for Toast House

16 November 2006
This project in Peckham, London is an experiment aimed at creating habitable conditions out of an awkward urban site. Taking advantage of the fact that the site is location in an area singled out for urban improvements, some of them quite playful, with the participation of two artists, Anthony Gormley and Tom Philips. It is called the Toast House because of the similar shape of a "three-storey slice of toast" slotted into a narrow space between the adjacent buildings. The ground floor is taken by a master suite and an ample entrance lobby where cycles and prams could be kept; two single bedrooms are located on the first floor. The top floor, under a gently curnved roof with a skylight, with small balconies at both ends, accommodates a kitchen and a living room. It has a feel of a houseboat moored in the sky between trees. In order to limit the amount of space taken up by external walls, the structure is timber framed with full-fill insulation between the studs. The top floor will be lined in quality ply and mirror panels creating a feel of a boat-like opulence, albeit on a minimal scale.

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