CCTV captures imagination

Monday 04 Sep 2006

Rem Koolhaas’ latest project in China seeks to distant itself from the typical skyscraper.

(CCTV) combines the entire process of TV-making in a loop of interconnected activities. Two structures rise from a common production platform that is partly underground. Each has a different character: one is dedicated to broadcasting, the second to services, research and education; they join at the top to create a cantilevered penthouse for the management. While CCTV is a secured building for staff and technology, public visitors will be admitted to a dedicated path circulating through the building offering spectacular views. As well as Restaurants, lounges, and conference rooms the 465.000m2 building will also contain a 1500-seat theater, a large ballroom, digital cinemas, recording studios and exhibition facilities and accommodates a five-star hotel;The 485 million euro project will also host the international broadcasting centre for the 2008 Olympic Games and will be complete before the games. SM

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