Takamatsu swans into China

Friday 28 Jul 2006

Shin Takamatsu completes museum in Tianjin, China

A magnificent swan-shaped museum has just been completed in Tianjin city, one of the largest cities in China, located 350km southeast of Beijing. This massive new museum, which is said to be China's second largest building, houses the collections of the former Tianjin Art Museum and the Tianjin Historical Museum, and was planned as a part of a huge 77-acre development. This impressive structure was designed by a Japanese architect Shin Takamatsu, in collaboration with a structural designer Mamoru Kawaguchi, with a concept of extreme simplicity and clarity. It features a massive glass shell structure, which encloses exhibition space on the first and second floor and visitors' concourse and other facilities on the ground floor. This project was entitled "Swanium" from its unique shape which resembles a swan with its wings extended.

Miki Megumi

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