Building transition

Thursday 15 Jun 2006

This refreshing proposal utilises a business class use building fronting Sussex Place with a separate smaller business class use building at the rear of the site with access from the rear. A landscaped garden links the two buildings. The building fronting Sussex Place is seen as a transition between the Victorian mansion flats of College Court to the east and the much taller 20th Century office building to the west. The design will provide a link between the diverse architecture of the two buildings. It also presents a similar concept of intensive frontage development with some amenity space at the rear. The Sussex Place facade, facing north and to the Hammersmith flyover, is largly solid with elements of the facade peeled out to provide slot windows facing east and west, with views away from the flyover. At foor levels below the flyover there are some windows in the solid facade to povide views under the flyover to St Paul's Church and open space beyond. The facade ackowledges both the horizontal character of College Court and its projecting vertical bays, and the vertical character of the office block. The south facade is essentially glazed. The form arises from the need to satisfy BRE standards for daylighting the College Court flats.

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