Zaha wins in Seville

Saturday 18 Feb 2006

Competition win for new library at Seville University

The aim of the new library is to promote cultural activities for the students and 3,300 researchers who use the facility and create a new focus for the University and the City of Seville.It acts as a continuation of the park, progressively rising from a soft material into a strong surface.Open areas, with panoramic views, benefit the ambiance of the building.The quieter south side of the building will be allocated for reading and the northern side is allocated for a flow of activities. On the second floor, study for students and a 600-seat lecture room are distributed across three levels. A main skylight illuminates the hall and the main triple height space of the reception hall becomes the heart of the building.The library, which Hadid says will address the new demands for more technology based university study is scheduled to open in 2008.

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