Zaha completes in Wolfsburg

Tuesday 13 Dec 2005

The Phaeno Science Centre, the first of its kind in Germany, is conceived as a mysterious object giving rise to curiosity and discovery. The project is based on an unusual volumetric structural logic. The floors are neither piled above each other nor could they be seen as a hall with a large roof spanning from one side to the other. The visitor is faced with a degree of the complexity and strangeness, which is ruled by a very specific system. The area in front of the station grows wider inside the building. At this complex point of intersection the building is connected with the inner city’s multiple directions of movement which continue through the building at ground level. The axis of Wolfsburg’s important cultural buildings is drawn inside the Science Center The use of darkness will be a key to the unique experience of the Science Center. Light and shadow offer the opportunity to provide a visual guiding system through the building by creating paths of light and focal points.

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