Secrets of the Pyramids revealed

Friday 09 Sep 2005

Designs have just been revealed for the Grand Museum of Egypt in Cairo. After the ‘fairytale’ competition win by Dublin based firm Heneghan Peng over 1550 architects from 83 countries, the design team has grown to 120 engineers and architects including 14 consultancy firms from five countries. Roisin Heneghan, “One challenge of the site was to engage with the Great Pyramids without competing visually with them. Yet at the same time the importance of the Museum also demands that it have its own distinctive identity. The design took a two fold approach; by creating a new translucent stone cliff face to the plateau, a strong singular identity for the Museum is created. By creating the space for the Museum within the view axis to the Pyramids, the Museum and the Pyramids combine to create a single space, a new archaeological site.” The museum will cost $550 million and take four years to build.

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