Nodal Point Icon Restaurants

Friday 09 Sep 2005

The “ICON buildings” are located at a Nodal Point in the Docklands Eastern Precinct PublicRealm. Icon 1, the smaller of the two, is located to the east of the public piazza. Icon 2 flanks thewest side. The two restaurants are designed to anchor the public piazza and the promenadeboardwalk, creating a focus on the water for the residential and retail zones behind. At the sametime they function as iconic markers for the nodal point plaza, defining a space of public vitality.The Nodal point restaurants provide an armature between the public promenade and the retail/residential axis. The buildings have been specifically designed to be distinctive to other buildingson site and counterbalance the scale and size of the adjacent tower buildings acting as a mediatorbetween them, the water and the public realm. Each of the ICON buildings comprises twomain elements; a solid “core” to the north of the buildings and a glass and stainless steel mesh“lantern” to the south. A transparent screen wraps the buildings acting as both a sculptural featureand mediator between the restaurant and public realm.

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