Five Boats sets sail

Thursday 14 Jul 2005

Grimshaw's waterside development brings vibrancy to Duisburg's Innenhafen

The banks of the Rhine were crucial to the economic development of Duisburg; the city’s inland harbour (Innenhafen), built in the late nineteenth century, became the largest in Europe. As with other harbours following the Second World War, it fell into decline. Now, a mixed-use regeneration scheme sees the Innenhafen gaining colour once more.Grimshaw’s contribution to the redevelopment is Five Boats: a waterside development of offices and retail facilities, named for its distinctive shape, like the prows of ships overlooking the Rhine. The ‘boats’ are raised above ground level, with public courtyards in between that overlook the promenade. The retail and gastro facilities have fully glazed facades, affording views of the harbour.

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