FRIDAY 26 MAY 2017



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In Pictures
Date Headline Project Name Architect City
06/05/2009 Relaxing, naturally...  UCSD Hillcrest Medical Center - MRI Suite Childs Mascari Warner Architects  San Diego 
06/05/2009 Degrees of separation  IDU Terrace Muramatsu Architects  Mishima City 
06/05/2009 ACE call on future MEPs to secure regulation  ACE Recommendations WAN Editorial   
06/05/2009 Keeping it local  Pictou Landing Health Centre PDI Design Inc.  Nova Scotia 
06/05/2009 A sight for sore eyes  Richard Desmond Children's Eye Centre Penoyre and Prasad  London 
06/05/2009 A sense of calm  Östra Hospital - Psychiatry Building White Arkitekter AB  Gothenburg 
06/05/2009 Back from the brink  Renoma Building Shopping Center Benoy  Wroclaw 
05/05/2009 House of nature  Casa Tropical Camarim  Mundaú 
05/05/2009 FKL design A-House  A-House FKL Architects  Dublin 
05/05/2009 Building blocks  Casa Paracaima DCPP Arquitectos  Mexico City 
05/05/2009 Together apart  House Stenger architecture and design  Amsterdam 
05/05/2009 A future proof hospital?  Midland Regional Hospital Murray Ó Laoire / Brian O'Connell Associates  Tullamore 
05/05/2009 White light  House 108 A-cero  Madrid 
05/05/2009 The feelgood factor  Boston Medical Center - Moakley Building Tsoi/Kobus & Associates, Inc.  Boston 
05/05/2009 The grass is greener...  Community Nursing Unit - St Mary's Hospital Murray Ó Laoire / Brian O'Connell Associates  Dublin 
05/05/2009 The new face of long-term care  Childers Place Perkins Eastman  Amarillo, Texas 
05/05/2009 Women and children first...  CHA Women and Children’s Hospital KMD Architects  Seoul 
05/05/2009 The Shore has a Kolling  Kolling Building HASSELL  Sydney 
05/05/2009 Turning cancer care inside out  Harold Alfond Centre for Cancer Care TRO Jung|Brannen  Maine 
05/05/2009 Abracadabra  Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh Astorino  Pittsburgh 
05/05/2009 Making light work of recovery  YKK Healthcare Centre APL design workshop  Kurobe 
05/05/2009 $185m competition winner announced  Chung Nam Provincial Office and Park john reed architecture  Seoul 
05/05/2009 A woman's world...  Royal Women's Hospital Woodhead  Melbourne 
05/05/2009 Blueprint for better healthcare  St Helens Hospital Capita Architecture  St Helens