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In Pictures
Date Headline Project Name Architect City
05/11/2009 There in black & white  Marchesini HQ LAN Architecture  Saint Mesmes 
05/11/2009 Towering ambition  Rotterdam City Tower Monolab Architects  Rotterdam 
05/11/2009 Showcasing the ultimate driving machine  BMW Museum ATELIER BRÜCKNER GmbH  Munich 
05/11/2009 They have the technology...  Qatar Science & Technology Park Woods Bagot  Doha 
05/11/2009 Vertical village  European Corporate HQ Woods Bagot   
05/11/2009 Driving force  Nissan Americas gresham, smith and partners  Nashville, Tennessee 
05/11/2009 Taking centre stage  Zhoushan Opera House Gresham, Smith and Partners  Zhoushan 
05/11/2009 Ready for take-off...  Schiebel project a01 architects ZT GMBH  Neustad 
04/11/2009 Cutting costs, not corners  Costco NHArchitecture  Melbourne 
04/11/2009 There's nothing antique about this  Kesley Caliguere Antique Shop Isay Weinfeild Architects  São Paulo 
04/11/2009 At your leisure  Las Piedras Fasano Isay Weinfeild Architects  Punta del Este 
04/11/2009 In any event...  Casa Fasano Isay Weinfeild Architects  São Paulo 
04/11/2009 Music on the menu  Forneria Rio Isay Weinfeild Architects  Ipanema 
04/11/2009 A social harbour development  Odense Harbour WAN Editorial  Odense 
04/11/2009 2009: A shopping odyssey  Odysseum Design International  Montpellier 
04/11/2009 Espace public  Espace Victor Jara L'ESCAUT  Soignies 
04/11/2009 Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow...  Morocco Mall Design International  Casablanca 
04/11/2009 Big design in the City of London  201 Bishopsgate and Broadgate Tower SOM  London 
04/11/2009 Without causing a spectacle...  Zorlu Center Emre Arolat Mimarlik Ltd. Sti.  Istanbul 
04/11/2009 Regeneration X  Tekfen Kağıthane Offices Emre Arolat Mimarlik Ltd. Sti.  Istanbul 
04/11/2009 All downhill from here  Permak Yalikavak Emre Arolat Mimarlik Ltd. Sti.  Bodrum 
04/11/2009 Pushing the envelope  Maslak No.1 Office Tower Emre Arolat Mimarlik Ltd. Sti.  Istanbul 
04/11/2009 Impressions of modern Istanbul  Etiler Tourism Center Emre Arolat Mimarlik Ltd. Sti.  Istanbul 
04/11/2009 Organic growth  Wady al Qamar AMIN HASNI ARCHITECT  Hurghada