Atlantic Pavilion, Viana do Castelo, Portugal

Thursday 6 Sep 2018
Credit: Valdemar Coutinho

Architects: Valdemar Coutinho

Inspired by the Ocean

A tight budget and logistical issues dictated the architect’s approach to this project...

The Atlantic Pavilion was designed by Valdemar Coutinho and is located in the north of Portugal in Viana do Castelo...

From the architect: “Due to the constraints of strong financial control and the need for easy access to the  building infrastructures for future maintenance, the overall cost of this project was restricted to a pre-established value by the City Council of Viana do Castelo. These demands became a true challenge and affected the way of thinking in response to what was being requested. Hence, the use of the brutalist approach to this project without it being taken to extremes. This is perceptible in the softer approach to the changing rooms and sports playing field.

It was with this intention and brief that Valdemar Coutinho Architects devised a Pavilion, reflecting the various program and budget demands with an appealing dynamic and humanised image, minimising the common impact on these types of sports pavilion buildings.”

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Valdemar Coutinho