King Bill, Melbourne, Australia

Monday 4 Jun 2018
Credit: Austin Maynard Architects

Architects: Austin Maynard Architects

Fitzroy’s ‘forever house’

With this project Austin Maynard Architects have set out to completely re-think the terrace house and the principles that created them

King Bill is a love letter to Fitzroy in Melbourne, Australia. 

The project is a collage of Fitzroy’s built history, its textures, its forms, its order and its chaos. A family of four, long time Fitzroy locals, asked Austin Maynard Architects to design them their “forever house” in the suburb they love. They asked for a renovation to their two story terrace home, incorporating the empty site to the east and re-using the old stable building at the rear. At King Bill the architects set out to completely re-think the terrace house and the principles that created them. They looked at the house as empty spaces that needed new purpose. Holes have been punched through the boundary wall. A glazed, curved corridor now forms the entrance linking the brick terrace with the steel clad stable (garage, study, parents retreat) and the new glass pavilion (kitchen, living/ dining) surrounded by established garden.

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