Gasklockan, Stockholm, Sweden

Friday 18 May 2018
Credit: Herzog & de Meuron

Architects: Herzog & de Meuron

Herzog & de Meuron reveal Stockholm images

The first images from the inside of Herzog & de Meuron´s and Oscar Properties gasholder in Stockholm have been released

Herzog & de Meuron is for the first time creating a landmark in Sweden. With its sparkling, glass-inspired villa architecture 90m above ground, in a landscape created by Piet Oudolf, this building will provide a wonderful experience, not only for its residents, but for the whole city. The new building combines public areas with customised residential services in a manner never before seen in Stockholm. Construction is planned to begin by the end of the year.

Gasklockan will be a hub in the cultural characterisation of Stockholm Royal Seaport (Norra Djurgårdsstaden). The building and the landscape will simmer with life and public activities. The new apartment building replaces Gasklocka 4, which is a round sheet metal building from the 1930s that for many decades supplied Stockholm with energy. At 90 metres, Gasklockan is the same height as the old industrial building.

“We are creating the entrance to Gasklockan in the form of an enormous atrium in the same impressive height as the building. The shape of the walls provides a nice connection to the facade in glass brick,” says Oscar Engelbert, founder and CEO of Oscar Properties.

“Gasklockan is our first project in Sweden and the first building with this shape. Its floorplan opens like the pages in a book to the surrounding city and landscape, maximizing sun exposure and offering a variety of views. It offers a spatial experience not normally experienced when living in a tower,” explains Jacques Herzog, Herzog & de Meuron.

Villa architecture

Just like the old building, the basic shape of Gasklockan is round, but with protruding v-shaped arms that provide an attractive and elegant expression. Each v-shape equates to an apartment, which gives the impression of a well-planned villa, albeit high above the ground. This new architectural solution maximises the amount of natural light in the apartments, which enjoy far-reaching views over the city, the archipelago and Djurgården.

“The interior concept in Gasklockan is characterised by pure and strong materials like plaster, stone and glass. Industrial, but at the same time warm and tactile,” comments Helena Piehl, Design Manager for Gasklockan at Oscar Properties.

There is also a vertical concept, noticeable in everything from wooden sections and fittings to the grooved stone in the bathroom, that reflects Gasklockan’s shape and height. The kitchen has been designed and built as a standalone furnishing, and the same applies to the bathroom commode. Uniquely crafted solutions enhance the feeling of living in a villa.

The ground floor, with its magnificent atrium, will offer everything from Oscar Deli (Oscar Properties’ new, proprietary deli concept), office space for creative businesses and areas for curated exhibitions to customised solutions and services for the building’s residents. Gasklockan is Oscar Properties’ first project in which their new digital platform Oscar Properties World, with its unique services and products, is built into the concept in its entirety. Some examples of features include help with managing deliveries of packages, a gym with personal trainers and access to a spa section, a cinema, a digital concierge for making restaurant reservations and booking trips and cultural events, a playroom for the children, booking of cleaning and other domestic services, and food deliveries direct to the door from Oscar Deli.

“The size of Gasklockan, with its 317 apartments, opens the way for a totally new type of residential service and peripheral services. From the very beginning both Herzog & de Meuron and us have had an ambition to create a living solution of the future. We want to simplify everyday life for everyone living in the building and also create an open, creative urban space for the people of Stockholm,” says Oscar Engelbert.

Gasklockan is part of northern Europe’s largest urban development project

In Stockholm Royal Seaport, which is northern Europe’s largest urban development project, the former industrial area is the hub of trade, culture, attractions and service. At the same time the area is close to both the city as well as water and nature. Gasklockan’s residents will live but three kilometres from the city, with the Ropsten metro station just a couple of minutes from the door. When the development of Stockholm Royal Seaport is complete the area will play host to 12,000 homes and 25,000 workplaces. Great care has been taken to create a varied and dynamic environment with a true urban feel.

Oscar Properties and Herzog & de Meuron have been working on the planning and design of Gasklockan since 2009. The zoning plan was approved in June 2016. Construction is planned to begin by the end of 2018, and the building is expected to be ready to welcome its new residents in 2022. The apartments go on sale in May, with prices starting at SEK 4,550,000

Nick Myall

News editor