Co-living, sport centre and gym, Angers, France

Monday 30 Apr 2018
Credit: Luxigon

Architects: Hamonic+Masson & Associés

A new view of Angers

The winners of a competition that aimed to reimagine Angers in France were announced recently at MIPIM in Cannes

The international architecture competition, ‘Imagine Angers’, asked design teams to propose innovative architecture on one of six different sites in Angers, France. Participants included Manuelle Gautrand, Steven Holl, Duncan Lewis, XTU, Sou FUJIMOTO and OXO architects. The Mayor of Angers announced the winners at MIPIM in Cannes.

Hamonic+Masson & Associés have revealed their winning project for the ‘Quai Saint-Serge’ site. One of the biggest sites, the brief called for a reconversion of this industrial brownfield zone into a dynamic and innovative neighbourhood, dedicated to higher education and urban activity.

This project will be emblematic of the city’s ambition that animates all national and European cities. Innovation is a conception tool that transforms unknown places and territories. Innovation in urban landscape is about finding new ways of living in harmony with the public space.

Innovation is a tool for attractivity. This research provides new programme, technical and spatial solutions, which allow the project to become a strong signal.

The project is a synthesis that will implant itself in the site and become a new typology. Hamonic+Masson & Associés

Are aiming to create adventure, surprise and emotions alongside a willingness to conceive a project that represents the city’s ambitions.

The context combined with this exceptional site enabled the team to enhance the project in order to propose a new way of living in Angers.

The architects have introduced fluidity by linking filled and empty spaces and treating them as different topographical levels, avoiding ruptures. The building therefore becomes an extruded piece of the territory.

It is therefore a confluence project. The architects did not wish to differentiate or to provoke, but aimed to create a dialogue and to reconnect in order to invent. This exchange will create a pioneering project, a symbol of the 21st century: the project Métamorphose.

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