Tiny Office, Aarhus, Denmark

Wednesday 21 Mar 2018
Credit: Tiny Office

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One for the road

A Danish entrepreneur has struck gold by designing and manufacturing customised, mobile office trailers that double as visual brand activators

It was never planned as a business case when Tiny Office owner and former creative head of Danish music festival Smukfest, Jonas Hallberg, built his first office trailer a few years back. “I’m not wired that way” Jonas says. “I just wanted to invite customers to my office on random locations of my choice, and suddenly I had companies wanting me to build them one too.” Based in Aarhus, Denmark, he is now specialising in customising office trailers that bring companies’ brand DNA to the road.

Mobile brand embassy

Instead of just modifying an anonymous caravan, Jonas wanted a mobile office that resembled the uniqueness of the cave-like office he had built for running operations at the world-renowned festival. So, he built his own trailer from the ground up and practically became a brand activation pioneer overnight.

The flexibility of a mobile office is evident. What makes the Tiny Office truly special is Jonas Hallberg’s unique ability to capture his customers’ brand DNA and transform it into a powerful, visual statement on wheels. A special skill that has gained him a substantial pipeline of projects. Food trucks, box offices, dressing rooms, trade show booths – he’s already got quite a variety of multifunctional eyecatchers on his résumé.

Originality is king

Driven by an artistic mindset, it is crucial to the entrepreneurial spirit that he feels the potential of a project. “I have turned down projects which didn’t feel right” Jonas states. If people see one of his office trailers made into a miniature replica of a company’s building and want him to do the same for them, he convinces them to do something else. “You will never see identical units leave my workshop” he emphasizes.

Work-life balance energized

The concept has not only proven successful for companies in search of originality in customer engagement. Freelancers and people in creative businesses have become increasingly aware of its vibrant possibilities. Says Jens Vang, pro kitesurfer and architect on his Airstream inspired on-the-go office: “I’m not just a 9-5 architect, I live and breathe architecture 24/7. But I’m also a pro kitesurfer attending contests on the roughest locations across Europe. I have really come to love the freedom of mobility allowing me to work on locations that inspire me the most: the raging shores”.

Nick Myall

News editor

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