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Low rent housing, Germany

Wednesday 26 Jul 2017

Making space for affordable homes

Low rent housing by herrmanns-architekten in Germany
Herrmanns Architects 
Low rent housing by herrmanns-architekten in Germany Low rent housing by herrmanns-architekten in Germany Low rent housing by herrmanns-architekten in Germany Low rent housing by herrmanns-architekten in Germany
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These low-rent apartments planned for Germany take advantage of the unused space devoted to cars 

The fact that the construction of residential properties in inner city locations is becoming more and more expensive is mainly due to the steadily rising property prices. This is the biggest hurdle for affordable housing. So we want to build houses over car parking spaces whereby the parking space is still used as such. A further advantage of such a construction is that already sealed surfaces are used twice.

The wooden structures are the excellent building material which is ideally suited to its pre-fabrication and aesthetic radiance to build quickly houses, also just because of the massive immigration. This project proposes a prototype as a superstructure over parking lots.

Prefabricated modular components should be used for affordable housing. The project is based on the fact that due to the high prefabrication wooden structures allow a fast, efficient and economical construction process. In addition to shortening the construction period the modular design allows a big flexibility.

This multi-storey residential building is transferable to any existing parking plot. The supporting structure allows adaptable floor plans in all residential floors, which can be divided individually via partitions. The supporting structure consists of composite floors made of wood and concrete. Due to the modular design, a relatively simple and fast adaptation to the required requirements right up to the dismantling of the object is also possible at a later stage. Access is via a staircase. If required a lift can be installed. A solar system on top of the roof for heating support is planned.

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