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Techomec, São Paulo, Brazil

Friday 27 May 2016

Mixing it up in Brazil

Techomec by PAX.ARQ in São Paulo, Brazil
Techomec by PAX.ARQ in São Paulo, Brazil Techomec by PAX.ARQ in São Paulo, Brazil Techomec by PAX.ARQ in São Paulo, Brazil Techomec by PAX.ARQ in São Paulo, Brazil Techomec by PAX.ARQ in São Paulo, Brazil Techomec by PAX.ARQ in São Paulo, Brazil
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A minimalist approach has given this multi-functional structure in Brazil a clean simple look 

Brazilian architects PAX.ARQ have created a multi-purpose concrete and aluminium building in the Pinheiros neighbourhood of São Paulo, Brazil. The workshop-house project hosts a residence, a high-performance mechanical workshop and classrooms in a 260 sq m building.

Precast concrete, slatted and louvred natural aluminium façade panels and sheet aluminium panelled balustrades make up a monochrome structure. The first floor overhangs the street creating a street-level shelter for cars and pedestrians. 

The building’s activities are distributed in a specific way so it was possible to take the greatest advantage from the functional point of view. The result is a separation of the program over three levels: ground-floor, which hosts the mechanical workshop activities, revisions, repairs, part-washing and a dynamometer room for vehicle testing; first floor, where the classrooms, study rooms and bathrooms are located; and second floor, place for the residence.

All the activities are administered by one inhabitant who breaks down his daily schedule along the different spaces, each one of them with particular characteristics. 

The concrete inclined slab gathers a major role among the whole composition as an element capable of offering diverse solutions. It embodies the visual limit between the public and private realms, while it shelters the upper domains from noise pollution and the mechanical equipment on the ground-floor. Simultaneously, it enhances natural ventilation and illumination for the workshop and classrooms, while facilitating rain water capturing for reuse.  

The relationship between the building and the city is compelling, as the composition draws back voluntarily from the terrain’s limits and frees the urban corner in a gentle manner, favouring the materialization of a place for gatherings and urban encounters along its surroundings.

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Nick Myall

News Editor

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