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London high-rise development, London, United Kingdom

Monday 08 Feb 2016

Skyscrapers could dwarf London’s historic buildings

London high-rise development by WAN Editorial in London, United Kingdom  
London high-rise development by WAN Editorial in London, United Kingdom
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16/02/16 Raymond L Ingrey, Oakville Ont
Putting up High Rise anywhere will lead to the disintegration of the Historic City.
It is the 2000 years of London that attracts Tourists Not Massive Glass structures which is the cheapest cladding available for such structures
A quick look at Toronto will show you just what a mess high rise put up on any spot will do. Most of Historic Toronto has disappeared and replaced with Condo's that shield the light from the Streets and set up major wind storms for those on the ground Now in Toronto there is not the History but in London it is the History people come to see
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London’s Westminster city council reviews its policy on tall buildings 

The iconic buildings of central London in the UK could soon be dominated by skyscrapers after Westminster city council recently made public its plans to review a cap on tall buildings.

So far most of London's skyscrapers have been concentrated in the capital’s financial districts and zones earmarked for development. But now the local authority for the city of Westminster — an area that includes the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace and Hyde Park — plans to review its opposition to tall buildings.

A Westminster city council spokesman has been quoted as saying: “We will be consulting later this year on our approach to taller buildings in Westminster.”

Duncan Wilson is the chief executive of Historic England, the public body that looks after the country’s historic environment. He has warned that the capital’s appeal to tourists could be damaged if large scale high-rise development takes place. “Don’t kill the golden goose”, he recently said.

He went on to say, “We are not anti tall buildings per se, but they have to work with their surroundings. There is a risk of damaging something that has been nurtured over the centuries.” 

A pressure group, the Skyline Campaign, promotes the view that “the Skyline of London is out of control.”

It’s founder, Barbara Weiss said: “Most of the tall buildings being put up are not particularly good architecture. They are generic, or faddish, and are not well positioned in a city masterplan.”

The debate is set to continue as demands to build higher continue set against a backdrop of pressure on the capital’s limited space.  


Nick Myall

News Editor

WAN Editorial

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