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Casa Nirau, Mexico City, Mexico

Friday 04 Dec 2015

Making the most of a smaller space

Casa Nirau by PAUL CREMOUX studio in Mexico City, Mexico
Casa Nirau by PAUL CREMOUX studio in Mexico City, Mexico Casa Nirau by PAUL CREMOUX studio in Mexico City, Mexico Casa Nirau by PAUL CREMOUX studio in Mexico City, Mexico Casa Nirau by PAUL CREMOUX studio in Mexico City, Mexico Casa Nirau by PAUL CREMOUX studio in Mexico City, Mexico Casa Nirau by PAUL CREMOUX studio in Mexico City, Mexico
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30/03/16 Pablo Velez, Mexico city
Chiquiti-guau! Quiero una asi ya! Sera caro el arquitecto? Esta increible! Que irgullo que sea en la CDMX !
15/01/16 Emzin4U, Belfast
It seems much more bigger, is the sq ft. translation ok?, seems super spacious, nice scale. The inside knockout the outside street facade, maybe that is a good quality, in any case it is a pleasent surprise.
12/01/16 Fletcher, Tribeca NYC
Beautiful! , cozy and modern at the same time. Vegetation is spectacular.
03/01/16 Alberto M., Mexico City
CREMOUX was one of the best design studio professors I have ever experienced and I can see his quality undertaking in this charming small house. Congratulations Maestro!
17/12/15 Fedischica, Mexico city
Pero que casa tan mas bonita, este es un buen ejemplo de como lo moderno puede ser muy acogedor, me gusta mucho como cambia la casa; se percibe diferente por afuera y adentro es totalmente otra atm?sfera. Me encanta la idea de la escalera/biblioteca y la luz que entra. Muchas felicidades a los arquitectos!.
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12/12/15 Pacois, Mexico City
Muchas Felicidades, esta interesantisimo, como una peque?a construcci?n puede tener gran calidad. Me gusta como es muy diferente por afuera y cambia totalmente por adentro. "No hay obra chica, para un buen arquitecto"
09/12/15 Jeffy, Otawa
Simple, elegant and sustainable, what else? thank you for sharing WAN !
05/12/15 jaimeOrtizy, Meixo
Very pretty and confi, I like it a lot! I want one, since it is not at all expensive!

Getting a smaller sustainable house to work harder is no easy task but this eco-friendly home in Mexico City has achieved just that 

A retired couple from Mexico City were looking for a smaller and more sustainable house, but they did not want to get rid of all of their possessions. They were also worried about the shortage of water in Mexico City. This small structure acts like an inverted umbrella with 80% of the area gathering rain water while providing them with the space they needed.

The project foresees the opportunity to use reinterpretation as a consistent creative tool. By mimicking orientation strategy and a very simple functional diagram, the new construction relinks to the notion of history and accustomed-living behaviour patterns.

Open space allows direct sunlight to enter from the south side. The east and west side are offset, so only the north side is at property line. The concept involved moving from a 2,754 sq ft construction to a 1,937 sq ft one.

The local weather helped to define various key features: Mexico City's climate plays a very important roll, since 70% of the days per year can be used for outdoor living. The main living-dining area can completely open onto the deck terrace making the relatively small indoor space larger.

The deck floor transforms itself into the façade, this is the patio elevation that can be enjoyed at all times. All rain water is picked up by the roof and main terrace, it then passes through two main carbon activated filters and becomes drinking water, so there is almost no dependency on the grid for water.

By using a performance-based design procedure, an energy cost of $15 per month (electricity consumption and natural gas) has been acheived. The architects worked with Green Building Studio and Sefaira Metrics to achieve considerable energy savings.

Credits. Design Architect: Paul Cremoux W. Project Team: Structural Engineering: Arch. Ricardo Camacho MEP Engineering, Sustainability Consultant and vertical garden: Ing. José Antonio Lino Mina, DIA. General Contractor: ARCO Arquitectura Contemporánea and PAUL CREMOUX studio. Photos by: PCW. Status: Built.

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