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Triangle Tower, Paris, France

Wednesday 19 Nov 2014

Triangle Tower stumbles at first hurdle

Triangle Tower by Herzog & de Meuron in Paris, France
Image: Herzog & de Meuron 
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27/11/14 Herman M, Lafayette, LA
The following quote is particularly appropriate when considering the addition of high rise buildings within the 20 arrondissements of Paris.

"I think most of the avant-garde in our profession today is preoccupied with fundamentally the object building," Safdie said. "The object building cannot make a city. Unless we resolve this paradox, we will continue to be producing urban places which are disjointed and disconnected and not worthy of our civilization."
Moshe Safdie
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26/11/14 Herman M, Lafayette, LA
The Montparnasse Tower is an eyesore on the otherwise human scale of the Parisian urban landscape. Building the Herzog & de Meuron proposed high rise in Paris would add insult to injury. Furthering economic growth in the 20 arrondissements does not justify destroying its unique architectural character, human scale and universally accepted designation as one of our planet's most beautiful urban centers. Considering the enormous revenue generated by the 30 million tourists who visit Paris annually for its history, culture and unique, low-rise architecture, transforming Paris over time by building an assortment of high rise buildings would be extremely destructive and counter productive. Is nothing sacred?
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25/11/14 Robert Weston, London
Quite right to maintain restricted heights within the historic city! High rise building should be permitted only in a outer areas such as Le Defense.

London's high rise offices should have been confined to outer areas such as Docklands or Vauxhall, so as not to destroy the historic 19th C. low rise skyline of church towers and St. Paul's dome, which has now been drastically and irreversible altered!!
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Herzog & de Meuron high-rise rejected by Parisian councillors in controversial move 

At the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat Height and Heritage conference last year, CEO and Managing Director of Kingdom Real Estate Talal Al Maiman professed: “The Eiffel Tower is Paris. You could build the tallest building in the world in the city but it would always be in Paris.”

As rightly suggested by Al Maiman, the Eiffel Tower - which stands at 324m in height - has become synonymous with the French capital, and yet the city has a troubled relationship with building tall. In the 1970s a law was introduced to cap building heights in the arrondissements, but this may be about to change.

A 180m-high office tower designed by Swiss duo Herzog & de Meuron has just been rejected by the Paris City Council in a controversial move which has been dammed by Mayor Anne Hidalgo. Mayor Hidalgo has protested that a number of councillors voided the vote by violating the ‘secret’ nature of the ballot which resulted in 78 votes in favour of the tower and 83 votes against. The decision has been referred to a tribunal.

Following the result, Mayor Hidalgo declared that ‘the law hasn’t been respected. All the ballots shown have been declared invalid’. In the past, the Mayor has stated that she is keen to relax the laws capping building heights in the city to enable economic growth. The €500m Triangle Tower by Herzog & de Meuron would provide an additional 80,000 sq m of office space for the city. 

Key Facts

Status Concept design
Value 0(m€)
Herzog & de Meuron

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