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Taichung Condominium Tower, Taichung, Taiwan

Friday 17 Oct 2014

Towering over Taichung

Taichung Condominium Tower by WAN Editorial in Taichung, Taiwan
Richard Meier & Partners 
Taichung Condominium Tower by WAN Editorial in Taichung, Taiwan Taichung Condominium Tower by WAN Editorial in Taichung, Taiwan Taichung Condominium Tower by WAN Editorial in Taichung, Taiwan Taichung Condominium Tower by WAN Editorial in Taichung, Taiwan Taichung Condominium Tower by WAN Editorial in Taichung, Taiwan Taichung Condominium Tower by WAN Editorial in Taichung, Taiwan
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Richard Meier & Partners unveils the design of firm's first building in Taiwan 

Richard Meier & Partners has just released the designs for its first project in Taiwan, the Taichung Condominium Tower, which is scheduled for completion in March 2018.

The 164m tower, developed by Fubon Land, will be a luxury residential building and is intended to become a modern landmark that captures the essence of the new and growing urban context of Taichung in Taiwan.

"The new tower responds to the scale of the city's existing fabric while sustaining the modern architectural dialogue which we continue to refine and explore throughout our work," said Richard Meier.

The 47-storey tower is located in the centre of Taichung City in close vicinity to key civic buildings, including the new Taichung City Hall, the Opera House, and the Convention Center. It is surrounded by a mixture of high and low-rise commercial and residential buildings and large public parks and is prominently positioned to have a vantage point of the new city centre of Taichung.

"The Owners' commitment to this project allowed us to craft a very special building unique to this site and the City of Taichung, inspired and energised by the vibrant modern culture of Taiwan. The design of the tower embodies our core principles of lightness and transparency," said Associate Partner Dukho Yeon.

The Taichung Condominium Tower is designed to be a striking addition to the city's skyline. It will represent an iconic image for Taiwan's future. Distinct and visible from long distances by day and night, it is a synthesis of innovative and elegant architecture, providing exclusive and unique homes with both generous views towards the city and intimate spaces for urban living.

"We approached the design of this residential tower as a unique opportunity to deliver a beacon to the city center, with a tailor-made solution incorporating the firm's meticulous consideration to details, finishes, and materials while following our ideals of site, order and the use of natural light," added Associate Partner Vivian Lee.

The design comprises two distinct towers; a North Tower and a South Tower with different heights connected by a common core. The formal, ordered and geometric North Tower, addresses the larger city scale to the north, while the more expressive and sculptural form of the South Tower defines the main entrance to the building and relates to the smaller scale residential fabric to the south. In addition to the lobby, the three lower floors will contain various amenity spaces for the residents of the building, including a swimming pool, fitness centre, lounge, massage rooms, and Western and Chinese banquet rooms.

Maximising light
The main facade of the South Tower is articulated with a gently curved white translucent glass screen, which provides privacy and filters daylight into the building, and allows unobstructed views from within the interior spaces. Overlays of transparent and translucent screens, as well as solar shading systems such as louvers, combine with solid surfaces to modulate varying degrees of exposure to the sun and of privacy. Natural light is carefully controlled for views and orientation, both in terms of how the building is perceived from its surroundings throughout the day, and in order to maximise daylight and views from within the interior spaces. The architectural expression of the podium, balconies, large scale screen walls, terraces, and voids offer a composition of light, shadows, various scales and depth.

A communal Sky Garden on the sixteenth floor of the North Tower provides a dramatic viewing promontory for residents to share and enjoy, creating an open and direct connection between the interior of the tower, and the vibrant urban setting of the site.

Project Credits
Design Team: Richard Meier, Vivian Lee, Dukho Yeon
Project Architect: Simone Ferracina
Project Team: Joe DeSense, Jerome Engelking, Jeremy Keagy, Aung Kyaw, Peter Liao, Ian Lotto, Diana Lui, Amir Mikhaeil, Stefan Scheiber-Loeis, YuanYang Teng   Owners: Fubon Land Development Co., New Charm Corporation Limited
Associate Architect: HOY Architects


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