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Still listening after all these years

Tuesday 26 Aug 2014

Still listening after all these years

Still listening after all these years by WAN Editorial
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Time flies when you’re enjoying yourself. It might be one of the most hackneyed phrases around but like many other time-worn adages, it still holds true. Certainly for me, lucky enough to be part of WAN’s creation, the years have flown by, fuelled by the endless flow of amazing designs coming through the WAN office from architects’ studios around the world.

Hardly a day goes by without a ripple of excitement pervading through the team here, usually triggered by first images of a new project that’s just hit the screens… Sharing that news quickly with our huge global audience is always a thrill for us.

WAN’s concept back in May 2005 was quickly ratified by a small but influential group of our Chairman, Richard Colman’s architect and developer clients. We listened avidly to their feedback and started building. During the interceding years we’ve adapted and shaped the WAN news machine through the massive recession that ripped the architecture world apart, always listening and trying to keep in tune with what the industry needed at any one point in time and always sharing your successes and good designs with lots of noise…and those emails of course.

Only this year, we embarked on our biggest ever listening project. The WAN research team asked over a thousand of our subscribers from 91 countries and 805 practices how they used media today; what format they preferred, what mobile devices they used, what content they looked for… The resulting 27,000 responses were analysed and one message was clear: architects around the world are on the move, needing tablet and smart phone friendly content. We immediately started development of an image-led news site optimised for mobile devices as the first of many planned changes in light of these results. We are delighted to launch that site today, in time for our 500th edition of News Review.

As our tenth birthday looms, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our readers, listeners, viewers, award participants, judges, business information subscribers, job advertisers, event delegates, advertisers, and sponsors who have made WAN possible. And finally of course to the hard working and loyal WAN team, Sian Disson WAN’s News Editor who has curated the last 200 News Reviews, our ever patient shareholders, and Software Associates, our IT developers in Kerala for keeping the wheels turning. Thank you!

Michael Hammond
Co-founder and Editor in Chief at WAN
Chairman of the WAN AWARDS jury panel 

WAN Editorial

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