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In other news...

Monday 24 Feb 2014

In other news...

In other news... by WAN Editorial
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Headlines from other publications this week 

Every day we update WAN with the latest project news, competitions and award entries but we can’t be everywhere at once. In order to make sure you, our international readership, don’t miss out, the following is a round-up of headlines from other online publications over the past week.

Why rising house prices are the ‘biggest crisis’ for architects and urbanists

Polish-born Joseph Rykwert is the recipient of this year’s RIBA Royal Gold Medal in recognition of ‘influential works of architectural criticism and history’. In an interview with Dezeen last week, Rykwert addressed the changing nature of the city and expressed concern over the impact that rising city centre property prices have had on social diversity. He states: “The price of property in city centres is making it impossible, particularly in the big cities, for any kind of social mix to take place. It’s, as it were, castrating the whole notion of city life”…more

Will the 2016 Olympics transform Rio for the better or worse?

The development of the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Park has been highly publicised, as have the supporting infrastructure schemes, new cultural buildings and residential projects. Last week, NPR published an article by Lourdes Garcia-Navarro which questioned the whether this enormous development would have the desired end effect on Rio despite it’s ‘ballooning’ costs. Garcia-Navarro pits the COO of Rio’s Olympic Organizing Committee against a professor of architecture and cities at Rio’s Federal Fluminese University and speaks to protestors who suggest that the Olympic rowers are being put at risk of disease…more

Google to begin mapping the inside of homes and offices?

While Google Maps has become a go-to resource when visiting new cities or finding your way to a meeting, the service can only provide access to the outside of a building. This week, Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects Group revealed a prototype Android Smartphone that enables users to create a 3D model of their surroundings using a motion-tracking camera and depth-sensing technology. Should this technology take off, it would mean that individual users (and potentially Google) would be able to devise ‘maps’ of the inside of buildings…more

CEO of Foster + Partners leaves firm

Mouzhan Majidi, former CEO of Foster + Partners, has reportedly left the practice after 27 years of service. It is believed that the move was made after the position of CEO was replaced by that of a Managing Partner in a restructuring of the firm. Majidi joined Foster + Partners in 1987 and has worked on many of the company’s key projects including Hong Kong International Airport, Wembley Stadium and West Kowloon Cultural District. Foster + Partners are said to be looking to recruit a Managing Partner externally…more

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