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Junior School, Peshawar, Pakistan

Tuesday 15 Oct 2013

A model for students

Junior School by Malik Arch Practice in Peshawar, Pakistan
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Junior School by Malik Arch Practice in Peshawar, Pakistan Junior School by Malik Arch Practice in Peshawar, Pakistan Junior School by Malik Arch Practice in Peshawar, Pakistan Junior School by Malik Arch Practice in Peshawar, Pakistan
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Malik Arch Practice creates model eco-school to be rolled out across Pakistan 

There is a widespread effort by new government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in Pakistan to provide modern education to all children of the province. Therefore Malik Arch Practice has designed a Junior School to be a model for future institutions to be built in different parts of the province.

Peshawar, the provincial capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, has many British Raj buildings such as Edwardes Clooege and Islamia College/University. The plans were carefully laid with central patios and shades to provide protection against the hot summer. This project is an attempt to revive British Raj building plans.

The patio building is square in plan with a central patio. Traditional central patios serve as breathing space for a building as they provide good ventilation and ultimately reduce the heat effect. They also serve the purpose of control of the building for administration as patio is centrally located.

Wide windows are provided to fully utilise natural light but 5ft wide shades are also included on all four sides of the building to provide sun protection. Stairs and washrooms are placed on opposite sides and divide the building into two parts. Each part can utilise their respective stairs and washrooms to avoid overcrowding.

As the medium of education is English so furniture layout in every classroom is arranged so that light will enter from the left side to avoid shadows while writing. Considerations have been taken to use the building roof for solar panels and to incorporate rain water collection from the roof and patio to recycle and reuse. Patio and corridor flooring design is conceived in traditional geometrical patterns.

As this building design is intended to be rolled out in different parts of the province, the cheapest possible construction is considered with traditional bricks and beams. All pavements in the patio and around the building will be laid out in bricks. Terrazzo of different colours will be used for flooring. Furniture would be made of local wood as the northern regions of Pakistan have an abundance of wood.

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Status Concept design
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Malik Arch Practice

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