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Mandela on the Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa

Monday 22 Jul 2013

Mandela on the Mountain

Mandela on the Mountain by WHIM architecture in Cape Town, South Africa
Mandela on the Mountain by WHIM architecture in Cape Town, South Africa Mandela on the Mountain by WHIM architecture in Cape Town, South Africa Mandela on the Mountain by WHIM architecture in Cape Town, South Africa
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01/10/13 Reagan, Houston,TX
See... they have Stupid Democrats over there too! With all the problems that are going on the African continent... one of the more stable countries really needs to design & build something like this... if ya'll need some more stupid Democrats... we can send some... we have an abundance of them over here in the USA
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31/07/13 nelson (not the same one), cape town
...ideas need to be obtuse... it is a nice bit of fun and I enjoyed being exposed to it... the only oddity is that it has been described by the authors in a serious manner. It would have been more convincing had it been described as a folly, cast out into the world to be prodded...
28/07/13 Celeste, Cape Town
You're seriously deranged if you think that the citizens of Cape Town are ever going to allow Table Mountain (one of the 7 wonders of nature) to be defaced like this.

Try somewhere else with you hare-brained scheme please!
27/07/13 pierre jordaan, shaftesbury
It is apparent that this is not a sustainable project. The community of Cape Town has not been consulted - the most modern democracy in the world. It appears the architects have not been to CT. The views do not resemble anything in and around our mountain. There is something called the southeaster and another called water. The clue of what grows is on the photo of the adjacent cliff faces. it is probably the most unsustainable nonsense I have ever seen. Notice that the plans and sections do not show any water supply for this 'vertical garden' I hope that they are not actually registered architects taking clients for a ride. Planning status - I doubt it. It will never get there. I notice from their website that they do not seem to have built anything. So do they really think they will be allowed to stuff up one of the most famous mountains in the world?
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25/07/13 Mark, Toronto
South Africas Mount Rushmore!
I love the concept - would not like to see it built though...........
24/07/13 Lydon, Cape Town
I'm sorry, but that would look horrible and totally ruin the mountain. Why not honour Mandela with a giant statue on the likes of Robben Island instead?

WHIM architecture celebrates Nelson Mandela's 95th birthday with monument design in Cape Town 

WHIM architecture has designed an educative, recreational and multifunctional centre that resembles the head of the South African anti-apartheid revolutionist Nelson Mandela for Mandela op de fiets fonds to construct a memorial for his legacy that will stand for past, present and future.

Designed for Mandela’s 95th birthday, the monument has been suggested for a location near Table Mountain at District Six in Cape Town, South Africa. The size of the building would be 30 m wide and 60 m high for purposes of visibility and accessibility on the mountain, providing a panoramic view of Cape Town and its coastline.

Nelson Mandela was born on 18 July 1918 and raised in the East-Cape in South Africa. He was a member of the Ixhiba clan and started to revolt against the apartheid regime in his early twenties which brought him in jail for 27 years after which he was released in 1990. After receiving the Nobel Peace Prize Award in 1993 he was inaugurated South Africa’s first democratically elected President serving from 1994 till 1999.

Due to Nelson Mandela approach to democracy, equality and learning, WHIM architecture designed this memorable centre to teach all generations about Mandela’s work and heritage. Consisting of two different appearances of the façade the monument will illustrate the use of natural resources.

From below the building will look green by its vegetative façade. Solar panels have been included to harness the sun rays, providing the building with sufficient energy with excess to power nearby neighbourhoods. A variety of open terraces are also included in the plan facing Robben Island to create attractive open areas and to protect the interior from direct sunlight.

The design and the location were selected by WHIM architecture to create a nostalgic area in memory of Nelson Mandela. District Six was inhabited by a racially mixed community until it was forcibly demolished in 1966. It’s also on the route of regular double-decker buses rammed with tourists. It is hoped that the monument will be able to take advantage of the 4 million tourists that visit Cape Town and District Six each year.  

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