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UDK Office Building, Holstebro, Denmark

Thursday 11 Apr 2013

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UDK Office Building by CEBRA a/s in Holstebro, Denmark
All photos: Mikkel Frost 
UDK Office Building by CEBRA a/s in Holstebro, Denmark UDK Office Building by CEBRA a/s in Holstebro, Denmark UDK Office Building by CEBRA a/s in Holstebro, Denmark UDK Office Building by CEBRA a/s in Holstebro, Denmark UDK Office Building by CEBRA a/s in Holstebro, Denmark UDK Office Building by CEBRA a/s in Holstebro, Denmark
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Triangular UDK Office Building by CEBRA sports four atria to foster collaboration 

CEBRA has shared the first images of their vibrantly-hued new home for Udbetaling Danmark (UDK) in Holsetbro, Denmark with WAN. The organisation handles social services for Midwestern Denmark, including elements such as maternity pay and pensions, with employees previously split into a number of offices. This 4,600 sq m new facility in various shades of green will bring UDK workers from a selection of offices together under one roof so it was imperative for CEBRA to create a dynamic volume that fostered collaboration and communication.

Most striking of all elements within the project is the continued use of the triangular form. The complete building volume has a triangular footprint and all portions of the interior space are arranged around a triangular atrium. This atrium is rotated 180° so that its tips meet the building’s outer edges. These tips are also intersected with a handful of walkways and breakout space which create three smaller atrium spaces in addition to the main atrium volume. This approach enables employees to engage in informal discussions or collaborations outside of their key office areas.

CEBRA says of its approach to the design of the UDK office building: “The project’s architectural scope consists of meeting two overall demands. Firstly, the architecture has to radiate high quality and efficiency as well as openness and helpfulness, as the centre administers financial affairs for a large group of citizens. Thus, the project adapts to the surrounding context, while at the same time calling attention to itself and its location with a formal language of its own - without appearing ostentatious.

“Secondly, the architecture has to create and support a working environment that combines optimal conditions for internal collaborations and social relations with a modern office landscape that is bound together by a logical, flexible and transparent structure.”

As with all CEBRA schemes, due care has been taken to ensure that the building is highly energy efficient. The orientation of the triangular form ensures reduced thermal stress. There is no direct southern façade to the volume therefore the risk of overheating is lowered and the need for air conditioning is reduced. An Integrated Energy Design process has also been used throughout the development by CEBRA, where energy and indoor climate constituted integrated design parameters from the project’s very beginning, continuously interacting with architectural and materials choices.

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