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Google Headquarters: Bay View, Mountain View, California, United States

Tuesday 12 Mar 2013

The view from above...

Google Headquarters: Bay View by NBBJ Ltd in Mountain View, California, United States
Images: NBBJ 
Google Headquarters: Bay View by NBBJ Ltd in Mountain View, California, United States
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Handful of details published about Google's new Mountain View Headquarters by NBBJ 

Internet search engine Google have selected NBBJ to design their next commercial property in a break away from the company’s oft-taken approach of transforming existing buildings for their own use. As David Radcliffe, a civil engineer who oversees Google’s properties told Vanity Fair: “We’ve been the world’s best hermit crabs: we’ve found other people’s shells, and we’ve improved them.”

At this point in time NBBJ are unable to openly discuss their designs but Vanity Fair published a handful of details last week and WAN received this rendering (see left) from the firm’s Seattle office. In the past we’ve published several Google offices around the world, including the PENSON-designed London Headquarters and Camenzind Evolution’s Google EMEA Engineering Hub in Zurich.

According to Vanity Fair, these successful past offices have provided a base for NBBJ’s design for Google’s newest facility in Mountain View. Google are said to study the working practices of their employees to best inform their chosen architects and interior designers and gain the optimum working conditions for an effective commercial environment.

As such, the rendering supplied by NBBJ shows a series of individual buildings, 4 storeys high and connected by bridges to enable all employees to easily access different parts of the complex. In total the project will cover 1.1million sq ft but no employee will be more than 2.5 minutes from any other, enhancing communication channels and fostering ‘casual collisions’. Radcliffe furthers: “We want to create opportunities for people to have ideas and be able to turn to others right there and say ‘What do you think of this?’”

Several of the angular buildings in NBBJ’s concept are topped with green roofs in the supplied rendering, a common approach for Google who have similar open-air areas in their other offices. These spaces can be used for entertaining clients, hosting informal meetings or as breakout spaces for employees.

Google says of their existing offices around the world: “Though no two Google offices are the same, visitors to any office can expect to find a few common features: murals and decorations expressing local personality; Googlers sharing cubes, yurts and ‘huddles’; video games, pool tables and pianos; cafes and ‘microkitchens’ stocked with healthy food; and good old fashioned whiteboards for spur-of-the-moment brainstorming.”

More details will follow in due course…

Sian Disson
News Editor

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