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Kingdom City Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Wednesday 13 Feb 2013

Kingdom City Jeddah team revealed

Kingdom City Jeddah by Calthorpe Associates in Saudi Arabia
Copyright: Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture 
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23/03/13 Ralph, Los Angeles
Strong similarity, at a glance, to the 1951 "Illinois" tower design presented to Mayor Daley of Chicago, Illinois. One of the original drawings was executed on a roll of canvas 22 feet long, which Frank Lloyd Wright used to dramatic effect during the highly-publicized unveiling. That design has been published widely over the last 62 years.
In an earlier interview, architect Adrian Smith mentioned how inspired he'd been by Wright's work when he was young. I see this as a diminutive, though still fitting tribute to an American master: Wright's skyscraper was 5,280 feet tall, thus it was known as the "Mile-High Illinois".
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20/03/13 T.K.Sunil, Chennai, INDIA
The maintenance and living costs for human habitats in such steel/concrete/glass structures must be evaluated first. There is little doubt that it will cost at least 5 times more than living in a 2 or 3 bedroom home at ground level. A lot of fossil energy will be required, for each time to enter and get out of your home( in a elevator). On the other hand, there will be an improvement in human health because of better quality of air at higher levels. In Saudi Arabia, unlike Japan or HongKong, there is no constraint on land space. They have plenty of land available to develop for human habitat at ground level itself. Hence it seems like it is a prestige project of the Saudi citizens. Lets all wish them success, since such economic activities in Asia will boost the prosperity of Asians and bring more businesses to set shop in Asia.
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20/03/13 Kyle, Fort Wayne
Such concepts may actually make economic sense in congested urban areas, constrained from expanding, and with "sky-high" (pun intended) property values. On 5.3 million m^2 of empty desert, it's purely a "urinating competition" amongst those whose wealth and ego exceed their vision and sense of priority.
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20/03/13 pete, K.L.
Im sure it costs millions to even have a single room apartment, which they wouldnt have anyway, but to all those rich Saudis or whomever oil made billionaires wont be a problem. Hopefully we can get off the fossil fuels and they can all sink back down where they belong, staggering excess in the face of all the less fortunate.
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19/03/13 Paul, Brisbane
There are no natural "forests, lakes and nature" thriving in the Saudi deserts. This is just crap wastage, trying to show the world who has the biggest @%#@.
19/03/13 Guido, Brisbane
Money well spent. It is a step further in attempting to solve the problem of overpopulation for many generations to come. The way poor and rich people live, deserves to be respected. I do not think that simple living people require disgraceful public welfare gifts and help from good-doers.
19/03/13 tom, athelstone
If one makes a comment, think of one thing; charity did not win over poverty but work did. By investing money in a project made lot of people be employed.
19/03/13 Salah Amer, NC
Why all that height in a desert, after some time it will be pooring.
19/03/13 R. Poplar, Orlando
I think this " 'Umbruch' towards vertical living" is simply about which nation builds the biggest "tower" and by extension of this thought which leaders have the biggest "tower". I too think Anthonie van Vliet is naive on this point.
22/02/13 abu razeen, kuala lumpur
in present property market, the top three considerations are:
1. location
2. location
3. location

in this " 'Umbruch' towards vertical living" the top three considerations are:
1. wasteage
2. wasteage
3. wasteage

Master planners and urban architects announced for SR75 billion city development 

A 5.3 million sq m area of land to the north of Jeddah is to be transformed into a buzzing new community. Kingdom City Jeddah in Saudi Arabia is being headed by Jeddah Economic Company (JEC) which is made up of Kingdom Holding Company, Abraar International Holding Company, Saudi Bin Laden Group and Jeddah businessman Abdulrahman Hassan Sharbatly.

It has now been revealed that the lead master planner on the Kingdom City Jeddah scheme is Calthorpe Associates and the urban architects will be Godwin Austen Johnson (GAJ). In August 2011, tall building specialists Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill were announced as leaders of an interdisciplinary team including Environmental Systems Design and Thornton Tomasetti which conceptualised the centrepiece for the Kingdom City Jeddah development, a 1,000m-high tower entitled Kingdom Tower.

Kingdom Tower will be the first construction phase of Kingdom City Jeddah and will cost an estimated SR4.6billion to realise. The complete Kingdom City Jeddah scheme - including the Kingdom Tower - will cost SR75billion (€15billion). With a total construction area of 530,000 sq m, the Kingdom Tower will rise 173m higher than the world’s current tallest building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. It will include a Four Seasons hotel, Four Seasons serviced apartments, luxury condominiums, office space and an observatory that is higher than the world’s current highest observation deck.

Eng. Talal Al Maiman. Executive Director, Development and Domestic Investments, Chairman and CEO of Kingdom Real Estate Development Company, a board member of Kingdom Holding Company and Jeddah Economic Company commented: “The careful strategic planning has paid off and the execution of the greatest building project in the world for the next years to come has started in the our beloved country Saudi Arabia. Our Country deserves no less than such a project.”

When we first revealed Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill’s concept design for the Kingdom Tower in August 2011 it was met with mixed responses from our international readers. Some expressed fears that a project of this size would lose momentum, others congratulated the architects for the ‘majestic’ nature of the design.

Anthonie van Vliet from Lelystad, Netherlands commented: “Jeddah Kingdom Tower is the beginning of a building revolution changing the course of mankind… The 21st century will see the ‘Umbruch’ towards vertical living, cities comprising of just a few colossal towers stretching high into the sky. This enables forests, lakes, nature to thrive around the super-towers.”

Key Facts

Status Concept design
Value 15,000(m€)
Calthorpe Associates
Reinventing Cities

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