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Friday 23 Nov 2012

Fresh take on the future city

FREE City by Fernando Romero EnterprisE - FREE
Images Courtesy of FREE 
FREE City by Fernando Romero EnterprisE - FREE FREE City by Fernando Romero EnterprisE - FREE FREE City by Fernando Romero EnterprisE - FREE FREE City by Fernando Romero EnterprisE - FREE FREE City by Fernando Romero EnterprisE - FREE FREE City by Fernando Romero EnterprisE - FREE
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Fernando Romero EnterprisE present plans for new cities in emerging economies 

FREE City is an urban prototype created by Fernando Romero Enterprise [FREE]. The model is designed for building new cities in emerging economies of the 21st century. The project is currently being presented at the 2nd Creativity World Biennale as part of the CRio Festival which began this week and runs until 25 November 2012.

The prototype envisions a place where residents are guaranteed security, healthcare and an education. This city provides access to information through unrestricted and innovative technologies which will be fully integrated into everyday life. This environment created enables people in developing countries to contribute towards society and enjoy the liberties of urban life in a holistic economy.

The company have asked the question: What if policy-making were determined by factual data and not political disputes? Their answer is that cities must embrace these types of opportunities and help redefine the way we live today.

As a result the new urban master plan produced has synthesized three existing urban typologies: the radial city, the hexagonal connection and the urban grid. The scheme organizes the city in a radial manner, creating a hierarchical zoning strategy and allows for continuous growth in all directions.

A rectangular grid is superimposed in each sector and simultaneously hexagonal rings optimize the proximity between the various axes. The addition of an efficient public transit network allows the city to be free of cars, where all residents are estimated to be within an 8-minute walking distance from a tram station.

A variety of block types have been designed to range from the efficient rectangular blocks at the periphery to circular blocks in the city-centre. The overlapping and interlocking of these programmatic elements create a new definition for vertical urbanism.

The main desire behind this prototype is to create an urban model that integrates ideas of sustainability, population growth and urban interactions in an intelligent and systematic manner. The aim is to prompt designers to redefine the notion of a 21st century city.

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Status Concept design
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Fernando Romero EnterprisE - FREE

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