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Marina Mall, Doha, Qatar

Thursday 08 Nov 2012

Shopping for a new generation

Marina Mall by HOK in Doha, Qatar
© HOK 
Marina Mall by HOK in Doha, Qatar Marina Mall by HOK in Doha, Qatar Marina Mall by HOK in Doha, Qatar Marina Mall by HOK in Doha, Qatar Marina Mall by HOK in Doha, Qatar Marina Mall by HOK in Doha, Qatar
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Award Entry

HOK designs new mall in Doha 

Marina Mall takes a bold step forward in the creation of a modern shopping complex. Inspired by forms generated when water erodes stone, five smooth sculptural masses are enclosed by simple transparent membrane to create a space which is both fantastic and sleek. The enclosed spaces flow one into the other as if the complex was formed by the ebb and flow of the gulf. Made possible by recent innovations in building and design technology, the design represents a distinctly low tech desire to attract, delight and comfort. While purposefully trying to appear free form, the massing is crafted to mitigate solar gain, the massing designed to overhang and shading the enclosing plane of glazing.

A warm rich material palette along the ground plane compliments the sculptural purity of the massing. The white FRP (Fibre-reinforced Polymer) shell and blue tinted glazing enclose abstracted natural areas of water, rock and planting which flow through the central axis. The landscape treatment flows seamlessly out into the surrounding context, blurring the distinction between interior to exterior space. Sculptural pods embedded in the landscape are designed to animate the public realm between the main complex and the adjacent marina.

Located on the east coast of Qatar, approximately 15 km north of Doha City Centre, Marina Mall is situated within the Lusail Development. Comprising 37 sq km of waterfront, subdivided into 19 integrated and diverse mixed-use districts, the plan’s vision is to create a vibrant, community-oriented lifestyle offering the best in modern urban living. HOKs challenge was to create an inspiring design, embodying the vision and ethos of the new city. The mall, which totals 72,000 sq m of leasable area, includes three levels, with an additional 10,000 sq m hypermarket at basement level. The complex includes cinemas, restaurants with terraced dining overlooking the marina, and spa facilities.

Key Facts

Status Concept design
Value 0(m€)

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