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Tuesday 30 Oct 2012

Big names for this year's 10x10

10x10 by WAN Editorial
“Leicester Square” by Zaha Hadid 
10x10 by WAN Editorial 10x10 by WAN Editorial 10x10 by WAN Editorial 10x10 by WAN Editorial 10x10 by WAN Editorial 10x10 by WAN Editorial
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31/10/12 David Kong, Domus, London
There're sooo many top pieces to enjoy. My favourites are Mark Major's, Mike Bedwood's, Michael Squire's, and Mike Stiff's.... all the M's... so much to choose from. The illustrations are exceptional too we absolutely love Narinders 'quartych' collection.

Article 25 invites 100 artists and architects to sketch, paint and ink an area of London's West End for a very worthy cause 

Here at WAN, we are always on the lookout for standout projects where architects take the opportunity to use their considerable skills for the benefit of others. As such, where an invitation to the launch of Article 25’s annual venture, 10x10, landed on our desk, we were thrilled.

10x10 is a fantastic scheme where a map of London’s West End is split into 100 squares and each portion of land given to a talented artist or architect for them to compose a piece of artwork which represents their perception of the space.

Each composition will be on show at Somerset House from 1-13 November 2012 then auctioned off online at www.10x10london.com to the public. A handpicked selection of 25 pieces will be auctioned live by Sotheby’s on 14 November with proceeds from all sales going straight to shelter charity Article 25.

The results are exceptional. With pieces from architects such as Zaha Hadid, Lord Norman Foster, Will Alsop, Edward Cullinan, Sir Terry Farrell, Eric Parry and Greg Penoyre, the standard has been set for next year. This annual programme was instigated last year and is snowballing. This year, the names are bigger and the following has grown with social media channels and bloggers alight with commentary on these collectable pieces.

Guide prices begin at £100 and can range into the thousands, each piece an original sketch, painting, perforated artwork or abstract composition completed by an artist or architect devoted to this very worthy cause.

At the launch event last Thursday, I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Hugh Tuffley, Founder of Hugh Tuffley Architects and artist of my personal favourite piece in the collection. Entitled Embankment Place, Tuffley’s 440 x 400mm pen, ink and watercolour on paper artwork is dark and mysterious, capturing the hidden magic of this buzzing transport hub.

His subtle colour blend and graceful brushstrokes draw the viewer in, taking the dusky grey tones of London’s transport networks and giving them a newfound life. Of his composition, Tuffley explains: “The area around Embankment Place is a lively transport interchange with the convergence of pedestrian, rail, road and water. It’s also a lively conglomeration of structures which my artwork has focussed on. The weighty Victorian ironwork truss of the Hungerford Bridge adjacent to the suspended delicacy of the Jubilee Bridges are seemingly being swallowed by the arching structure of Embankment Place, like a hungry crustacean.”

Don’t miss this opportunity to collect an exquisite piece of original art from one of London’s most respected architects. There are 100 compositions to choose from and all proceeds go to a very worthy cause. Shelter is a charitable organisation which provides structures to displaced and poverty-stricken communities around the world and it relies on donations to conduct a very much-needed service.

Sian Disson
News Editor

WAN Editorial

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