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Forrest Corridor, Hong Kong

Friday 12 Oct 2012

Greener Highways

Forrest Corridor by BREAD studio in Hong Kong
Images courtesy of BREAD Studio 
Forrest Corridor by BREAD studio in Hong Kong Forrest Corridor by BREAD studio in Hong Kong
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BREAD Studio designs forrest within the city 

BREAD studio's proposal Forest Corridor has won one of the 2nd prizes in the Open International Competition for Noise Barrier/Enclosure (Professional Category) organised by the Hong Kong Government. The proposal gives an alternative insight to the noise mitigation structure design within a dense urban environment of the city.

Due to a close proximity to public space and residential units, the architects have designed a typical highway structure which has three distinct visual conditions that were considered.

The first was the view down from the surrounding buildings due to the high rise nature of Hong Kong. People from residential towers are often disturbed by not only noise of the traffic but also lights from the highway.

To tackle this, the designers have created climber plants on the barrier which acts as a screen between the highway and its surroundings. Not only does it hide the highway in a more pleasing aesthetic but it also blocks off a substantial portion of the lights from passing vehicles and in the road.

Another view considered was that up from the park beneath the highway. People using the park would have a view of the concrete underside of the highway. As a result the proposal extends the greening from the barrier to the park. This includes climbing plants which grow up to the barrier and also suspend down into the park.

The final aspect is to do with the view of the drivers. So that drivers can still have view though the barrier to the surroundings, the climbers are optimal as they create a more transparent greening effect.  Compared to solid greening panel or merely transparent panels, this approach reduces the feeling of being inside a confined tunnel.

Key Facts

Status Concept design
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BREAD studio
Reinventing Cities

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