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Orbis apartments, Melbourne, Australia

Wednesday 12 Sep 2012

A habitable sculpture

Orbis apartments by ARM in Melbourne, Australia
All images courtesy of ARM Architecture 
Orbis apartments by ARM in Melbourne, Australia Orbis apartments by ARM in Melbourne, Australia Orbis apartments by ARM in Melbourne, Australia Orbis apartments by ARM in Melbourne, Australia
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20/09/12 Menna, Cairo
I read an article written by an architect, and I remembered it as soon as I saw this building:
"The current mindset of the profession of architecture is directed against the modest and the decorous: instead there is an obsession with buildings designed to be noticed in a culture of ‘look at me’ buildings. Architects, too often seeking headlines and self-gratification, seem to delight in the wildly extravagant formal and structural gymnastics made possible by powerful CAD programmes: raking columns crashing through spaces at absurd angles, jutting cantilevers, holes through buildings, jutting pointed prows too narrow to occupy, cubes balanced on one corner. And if wild forms can’t be afforded, there’s the frantic chaos of coloured glass or steel facades, each one a public architectural tantrum shouting in the street. Expensive, difficult to build, costly to maintain, almost always environmentally unsound, yet with few if any tangible benefits. To what end, and why?"---Alan Berman

But to be fair...Although the exterior design is over the top, the interior design is outstanding.
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20/09/12 Alex Njoo, Melbourne
Once again ARM manages to entertain us with their urban humour by reviving featurism. It'd be interesting to know what the late Robin Boyd's would say. All the same, ARM has always managed to enliven any streetscape with their brand of architecture. At least, Orbis injects a much-needed humour in a staid and predictable architectural environment and, at the same time, challenges one's senses on aesthetics
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19/09/12 Herman Thun, Austin, Texas
Good grief, what a bunch of inovative crap!!

ARM Architecture have designed the Orbis apartments, a futuristic take on residential complexes, with artistic inspiration. 

ARM Architecture present Orbis, a startlingly innovative new 8 storey apartment in South Melbourne due for completion in 2014.

With an area of 5,000 sq-m, the project draws influence from sculpture, using polished metal spheres to produce startling and wonderful reflections and lush internal spaces. The building comprises a variety of apartment types from 55 sq-m single bedroom apartments, to 78 sq-m double bedroom penthouses.

ARM Architecture, who chose the design strategy, is one of Australia’s leading architecture firms with offices in Melbourne and Perth. Using an architectural technique that is more often associated with sculpture, ARM has incorporated selective removal from a mass to reveal a figure or image. Employed at the scale of a building, this approach generates facades that go beyond the composition of patterns or forms to create space and make a remarkable contribution to the urban skyline.

At ground level, spheres carve a striking; two storey arches that refers to the nearby NGV, while another sphere forms an entry area. Like the sculptures of Anish Kapoor, the inside of the entry sphere will be polished metal and produce reflections as people pass through. By using a sphere as the defining influence for the building's exterior ARM have delivered an architectural gesture that creates voluptuous surfaces and contributes to a rich and dynamic identity.

ARM Architecture issued a statement on Orbis, and said that "It has been our goal to create apartments of the highest quality, which express the vitality of city life. We have sought to energise these apartments through well laid out interiors and through shaping and marking the face of the building."

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Status Planning
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