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The Valley City, Qatar

Thursday 30 Aug 2012

Architecture responding to social needs

The Valley City by MZ Architects in Qatar
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The Valley City by MZ Architects in Qatar The Valley City by MZ Architects in Qatar The Valley City by MZ Architects in Qatar The Valley City by MZ Architects in Qatar The Valley City by MZ Architects in Qatar The Valley City by MZ Architects in Qatar
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MZ Architects designs a modern low-cost city for middle-income Qatari citizens 

The master plan of the Valley City Qatar (VCQ) has emerged from an in-depth understanding and analysis of the existing urban morphology and social structure of Qatari cities.

Located on a 3million-sqm plot in the heart of the desert, between the historic cities of Doha and Al Khor, this new city's main goal is to cater to the housing needs of the low and middle-income Qatari and expatriate individuals while achieving sustainable architecture with a low environmental impact.

Unlike the current trend of futuristic high-tech city projects, the VCQ retrieves its architectural guidelines from the traditional Qatari and Islamic cities, trying to recapture their urban fabric. In appearance, the plan of these cities looks irregular and chaotic, but this chaos becomes more structured once one enters the city in depth and reaches the basic units: a phenomenon recalling the Bifurcation Diagram in Chaos Theory.

Analysis shows that this chaotic urban morphology is the result of the Islamic laws of succession and their mechanisms of subdivision. Accordingly, Chaos Theory provided the foundation and mathematical tool for the development of the VCQ master plan which obeys the same law of iterative method as the traditional Islamic city.

Established with sustainable and green standards, the master plan maximizes the use of the natural elements of wind, water and sun, and minimizes the financial building costs. The city offers all the benefits of an energy-saving city throughout its design and building material, thus enhancing the feeling of well-being in the city and creating its microclimates.

Its main element is the turbulence created by the desert wind trajectory which leads to the development of a linear city with a green valley crossing it. With plans for 20,000 low-cost residential units, the VCQ is designed to become the homeland of more than 60,000 middle-income Qatari and expatriate inhabitants.

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