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Olympic City, Istanbul, Turkey

Sunday 26 Aug 2012

Towering ambition

Olympic City by BakamHouse P/L in Istanbul, Turkey
Copyright to BakamHouse P/L and Ahmet Bakamovic- Baka Organic 
Olympic City by BakamHouse P/L in Istanbul, Turkey Olympic City by BakamHouse P/L in Istanbul, Turkey Olympic City by BakamHouse P/L in Istanbul, Turkey Olympic City by BakamHouse P/L in Istanbul, Turkey Olympic City by BakamHouse P/L in Istanbul, Turkey Olympic City by BakamHouse P/L in Istanbul, Turkey
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11/09/12 jonathan, London
I applaud anyone who attempts anything daring!
Well done - whoever you are!!!!
08/09/12 alma, sydney
Such an unique piece of architecture. The buildings look like they are alive, moving and dancing, bringing the architecture to a different level where you feel like the building has a soul. It is amazing!!
07/09/12 alisa, perth
For things like this one needs to be brave, secure in its own ability to make, build, sustain. Takes also brave and courages person, people or nation to see beyond and go for it. The new is never easy, and one needs to be and do what they believe in. Good luck!
07/09/12 L.C, London
This is exciting architecture! I hope it become a reality one day soon.
07/09/12 mira, Sydney
Innovative ideas in city making with an eagerness for transformation.
Set ‘to change things’, excited by the future, but isolated within context of rapid urbanization and accelerated climate change.
06/09/12 Dr.A T, Perth
Sensational!!!Great to see a step forward in a "boring" world of architecture.
06/09/12 Harry K., Sydney
Senzational! Futuristic! Sculptured Players, Woooooooow,

Finally something realy new and visionary for world architecture!

Your Qatar solution looks like lost city of Atlantis just resurfaced from the bottom of the ocean to play football.

Similar impression I got from the Rio picture.

And Xi’an! Such a conceptual link with Chinese history.

It is like they (shapes, homoids) were there from the beginning of the time, lost world suddenly found.
Hats down to you people at Bakamhouse. I am very impressed.

Harry K,

grad. Engineer
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06/09/12 T.S., Sydney
What are you mean is garbage????Who are you to judge?Have you done anything even close to this designe?
05/09/12 df, sss
are they nuts !!.. that's full garbage...
Award Entry

BakamHouse P/L designs concept for Istanbul's Olympic bid 

The World Olympic Games and FIFA World Football Cup are one two of the greatest events in modern history. There are no other major facilitated monuments as significant as these symbols of those events as legacy of our civilisation.

The image entitled 'Olympic City' in Istanbul could be too premature and expectant- but there is time still for The Olympic Games to be awarded to Turkey in 2020 for the first time, as after initial discussion with Government officials, there are initially design guides and a brief for this spectacle.

a) A design to match Olympic spirit and sport movement. The towers and sculptured players are artistically visually moving to articulate the games.

b)The designing of a new symbol for modern Turkey as a legacy to this generation. The towers in form of sculptured people are revolutionary for the entire world, and Istanbul will receive the legacy with this image.

c) The Heritage Olympic City is located in a new area as the future of Istanbul, with Bosphorus views far away from the famous Old City complex to fully satisfy the heritage issue.

d) The design will generate money for the Olympic Event, as well satisfying businesses in post-Olympic time. The Olympic City Complex will be built and pre-sold, to generate money for the event.

e) Integration with its context and community.

The Olympic City will stand out against other parts of the area by height, volume and uniqueness. It will perform by itself as new symbol of Istanbul. The temperament, culture and spirit of this people are addressed by pattern with forms of sculptured people on the move.


Key Facts

Status Concept design
Value 0(m€)
BakamHouse P/L

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