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Peter Murray Protests for Olympic Park Architects

Tuesday 31 Jul 2012

A voice for architects of the Park

Peter Murray Protests for Olympic Park Architects by WAN Editorial
Peter Murray Protests for Olympic Park Architects by WAN Editorial Peter Murray Protests for Olympic Park Architects by WAN Editorial
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31/07/12 Keith, London
If this is the case I just don't get it. Last week's WAN featured some of the better known architects - yes, it's the Zaha Hadid show again. What about the rest we never hear about them. My sympathies lie with Peter Murray. I wonder in what way does he represent the unsung and unnoticed architects and what more can he do to further their cause? What can they do about it and what's the 'penalty' for promoting their good works? This is typical - the guys who do the hard work never get the credit due. What does the RIBA say about this?
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Peter Murray protests for Olympic architects 

Controversy has struck the architects of the London Olympic Park. The creative forces behind some of the most imaginative buildings in the UK have been silenced from speaking about their work unless they are ‘Third Tier’ sponsors.

Peter Murray, Founder of Blueprint, Chairman of New London Architecture and a respected figure in the London architecture community, has been wearing a T-shirt with the names of all of the architects of the Olympic Park in protest of the lack of authorship permitted to those involved. He explained to WAN:

“British Prime Minister David Cameron says that UK businesses involved with the Games should promote their work in overseas markets. He organised a Creative Industries Summit at Lancaster House yesterday to do just that. However architects, engineers and suppliers to the Olympics have their hands tied behind their backs.

“When they took on an Olympic project they had to sign the No Marketing Rights Protocol which forbids them from marketing or promoting their work for the Olympics. Only Populous and Atkins, of those commissioned by the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) can do this because they are 'Third Tier' sponsors.

“A report by the former Chairman of the ODA has recommended that the ban should be lifted, but the Government says that cannot happen until next year, by which time it will be too late and the world's attention will have shifted to Rio.

“I wore the T shirt to the Creative Industries Summit yesterday and confronted Ed Vaizey Minister for Culture with it, as well as to a reception in the evening at the Royal Academy with the Duchess of Cambridge (she didn't notice!). The campaign seems to be having some effect on Government opinion.”

WAN Editorial

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