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LOTUS, Italy

Wednesday 25 Jul 2012

A natural souce of energy

LOTUS by Tecnopali in Italy
LOTUS by Tecnopali in Italy LOTUS by Tecnopali in Italy LOTUS by Tecnopali in Italy LOTUS by Tecnopali in Italy LOTUS by Tecnopali in Italy LOTUS by Tecnopali in Italy
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A new eco-friendly way to produce electricity for your car 

Together with the Italian Architect Giancarlo Zema, Tecnopali created ‘LOTUS' a highly innovative project of eco-urban design in complete harmony with nature. Like a big leaf coming out from the ground, integrating photovoltaic panels, with a unique tubular element of 14cm in diameter and 260cm in height, realized with seamless HSP technology, and illuminating the ambient with a high LUX LED pistil.

Lotus produces energy.  The small 4m2 Lotus leaf's solar surface produces 500W of power and the 19m2l large Lotus leaf produces 2.8 Kw. Lotus is designed to come equipped with an electric car Charging Station that uses both credit cards or a rechargeable pass; a centralized system that doubles as an vandal-proof Infopoint, with a waterproof electrical outlet by Scame.

There are endless combinations and Lotus is perfect for installation in parks, golf courses, urban centers, eco-friendly campuses, office parks or residences, private or public parking lots.  Lotus fits in perfectly with nature adapting to the colours of the environment; the fresh green tones for natural environments, neutral tones for urban contests, and other customizable possibilities. Lotus can be used for energy production, electric car charging, stand-alone lighting and eco InfoPoint for maps, location and city news; it can incorporate benches and recycle bins, and it produces shade.

This innovative project designed was by the architect Giancarlo Zema for the LumineXence in partnership with Tecnopali Group.

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