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Canton Tower, Guangzhou, China

Friday 06 Jul 2012

Touch the sky

Canton Tower by Arup in Guangzhou, China
Copyright Paul Dingman 
Canton Tower by Arup in Guangzhou, China Canton Tower by Arup in Guangzhou, China Canton Tower by Arup in Guangzhou, China Canton Tower by Arup in Guangzhou, China Canton Tower by Arup in Guangzhou, China Canton Tower by Arup in Guangzhou, China
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01/05/13 Kat, London
What a stunning structure!
08/01/13 nazim, saransk
Not a new idea. It reminds me of Santiago Calatrava 'turning torso' in 2005.
Award Entry

Arup provide structural, mechanical and electrical engineering for the tallest building in China 

Soaring 600m with feminine silhouette, Canton Tower is an impressive feat of technical excellence and architectural elegance. One of the tallest in the world, the robust superstructure is a stunning new urban landmark of Guangzhou sitting on the edge of the Pearl River.

Arup provided total engineering services to help Information Based Architecture realise this highly unusual structure. As the lead consultant, Arup provided services in structural, mechanical and electrical engineering from concept to the preliminary design and cost control at the design phase.

The slender tower is a striking example of full integration of architecture and engineering. The building boasts a unique architectural form - the top and bottom elliptical shapes twist 45° relative to one another, creating a tapered waist about 22m wide at its narrowest.

Five miniature buildings are suspended throughout the building, and cathedral-like open-air spaces offer stunning 360° views of Guangzhou. Visitors can experience the sheer height of the tower through different altitudes and an open-air ‘skywalk' staircase wrapped around the central concrete core.

Arup's structural engineers used parametric associative software to generate and refine the geometry and linked this data to analytical and drafting software so that the final structure is both simple and complex - it is essentially a concrete core wrapped in a triangular lattice comprising of structural steel, concrete-filled columns, rings and diagonal tubes.

As a super-tall tower that allows wind to blow through it, Arup's wind engineers were particularly concerned with Guangzhou's typhoon climate. Using advanced performance-based engineering, the firm produced a special set of design criteria to ensure the tower would withstand typhoon winds and provide optimum comfort for building occupants.

Designed as the city's new icon, the tower will spread the message of Guangzhou's latest development by welcoming visitors from around the world.


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