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Qbiss One, Slovenia

Wednesday 04 Jul 2012

High aesthetic total wall solution

Qbiss One by Trimo in Slovenia
Qbiss One by Trimo in Slovenia Qbiss One by Trimo in Slovenia Qbiss One by Trimo in Slovenia Qbiss One by Trimo in Slovenia Qbiss One by Trimo in Slovenia
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20/09/12 Ronald, Ljubljana
I saw some real projects... The entire facades are extraordinary flat and smooth. And there is a small edge corner on the elements which is some piece of work, no cuts, no welds, no silicon. Just beautiful!
Award Entry

A cost-effective modular facade system and a true alternative to conventional rainscreen 

Qbiss One combines many of the integrated benefits of a rainscreen yet without compromising any of the aesthetics or more importantly performance.

Engineered as a total wall solution, Qbiss One therefore requires less secondary supporting steelwork, typical of conventional construction, such as a lightweight gauge steel frame or a solid wall.

Qbiss One brings a system approach to the building envelope by uniting all the desired functional advantages of high quality facades with the very best aesthetics. It presents the ultimate combination of aesthetics, design and function.

Developed in response to architectural and design demands the facade is unique in the construction sector, possessing the only true rounded corner, with no cuts, folds or welds. This delivers an aesthetic quality, which is further enhanced with its ‘Shadow Joint' where the longitudinal and transverse joints are optically of the same width. This presents a modern minimalistic design appearance and a smooth surface.

Technologically Qbiss One is very advanced; the process of fabricating the rounded corner is performed using a special advanced manufacturing technique that is unique. This process provides a superior aesthetic appearance whilst also preventing any potential threat of corrosion. All other current market options use a "cut and fold" approach that needs to be sealed manually and then touched-with paint.

Safety is not overlooked and Qbiss One is designed with integrated fire protection. Its core consists of mineral wool, which is class A1 non - combustible and is incapable of adding any fuel to a fire should one occur. It is also one of the few products tested to the most demanding CWCT standards, which ensures it a provides superior air and water tight envelope.

The true cost of a building is not just its construction, but the energy efficiency it possesses as a living unit as well as the impact it may have on the environment. Qbiss One addresses this by having no thermal bridges as the insulation is already integrated in the vertical joint and additionally, no moisture can build up during assembly as the thermal insulation is protected with steel sheets, which means thermal conductivity is not diminished.
Qbiss One was developed with sustainability in mind, with all manufacturing processes designed to minimise emissions and energy usage and with products engineered with end-of-life recycling. Its environmental claims are all certified and verified through the company's Planet Positive status.

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