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ArtMe, Slovenia

Tuesday 03 Jul 2012

Bespoke facades for the masses

ArtMe by Trimo in Slovenia
ArtMe by Trimo in Slovenia ArtMe by Trimo in Slovenia ArtMe by Trimo in Slovenia ArtMe by Trimo in Slovenia ArtMe by Trimo in Slovenia
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21/09/12 debbie, manchester
This is fantastic! Why don't more architects use the facade this way? It's absolutely stunning!!!
21/09/12 Paul, Chester
Looks good here, but looks fantastic in the flesh. This is from the new Jodrell Bank visitor centre and the design runs the entire length like a cosmic landscape. It make you want to touch it - brilliant concept.
21/09/12 Jo, Huntington
This is a truely inspiring product. It's innovative and design-led - and different from anything else out there... a designers dream!
20/09/12 Katja, Ljubljana
This looks amazing!
Award Entry

Trimo's Artme allows individuality and creative design to become available to the mass market 

Developed by Trimo, the innovative ArtMe is a novel high-tech solution that provides an answer to modern trends of individuality and creative design. It is a new way of building architecture and design expression whilst opening a new outlook for the mass production market segment.

ArtMe is the latest, unique facade surface treatment that allows literally unlimited shapes, patterns and visual effects to be reproduced for dramatic, individual and expressive results and to allow 100% individual expression on facade envelope design. The power of ArtMe expression comes from the 3D continuously formed steel sheet surface, where the observed effect changes for each little alteration of the environment.

Artme uses the latest technology; Highly controlled 3D forming technology is used for the first time on completed sandwich panels with pre-coated steel sheet surfaces. Recognizing the importance of product performance, the original integrity and characteristics are preserved without compromise.

Quality of the ArtMe product is enabled by CNC supported technology and carefully selected process parameters. The main innovation is thus in the development of forming technology of precoated steel sheet surface of sandwich panel without any rear support. This way the original integrity and characteristics of the colored surface (anticorrosion) and the base façade element (fire protection, thermal and sound insulation, air and water tightness) are preserved without compromise. Durability of the product over a life cycle of 20 to 30 years is therefore possible. Technology of reforming does not need any additional material to be used, façade materials are recyclable. Trimo isolative and façade elements are marked as Planet Positive, having recorded the carbon emissions into the environment for the panels Trimoterm and Qbiss One, which are the base façade elements for ArtMe designing. High ecological soundness of ArtMe is achieved, demonstarting Trimo's commitment to sustainable development is a strong part of their corporate strategy and culture.


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