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Woozen, United Kingdom

Tuesday 03 Jul 2012

Woozen - recycling waste wood back to life

Woozen by David Clouting Ltd in United Kingdom
Woozen by David Clouting Ltd in United Kingdom Woozen by David Clouting Ltd in United Kingdom Woozen by David Clouting Ltd in United Kingdom Woozen by David Clouting Ltd in United Kingdom
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Award Entry

LG Hausys' Woozen is recycled wood, but not as we know it... 

Woozen, manufactured by LG Hausys, is a unique cladding & decking system manufactured from natural wood flour and environmentally friendly olefin to provide the ultimate in truly sustainable products. It offers all the aesthetic values of wood combined with high performance features.

Woozen takes the concept of sustainability in timber beyond the concept of recycling wood into chipboard or the burning of it as a one off benefit of bio mass fuel.

Woozen starts life as the waste elements of tree felling. Bark, branches, saw dust, wood chippings are collected from forest thinning. These natural resources are harvested and produced into a wood flour. The wood flour is extruded with a mixture of eco-friendly olefin resins, which provide the physical qualities of Woozen; whilst being safe from endocrine disruptors, harmful substances, harmful gases and volatile substances.

Woozen is extremely hardwearing, it will not rot, is UV colour stable, unlike timber cladding and decking, and is highly resistant to weathering and insects.

Woozen is treatment free and requires virtually no maintenance and so no harmful chemicals enter the eco system as traditionally happens with maintaining timber. Consequently it delivers excellent whole life costings in comparison to timber based products.

Installing 3.3 m2 of Woozen exterior floor deck will protect one tree stump and is the equivalent of absorbing 5.6kg of CO2 a year.

Woozen, at the end of its natural life can itself be totally recycled, further underpinning its zero carbon footprint and whole life costing credentials.

Woozen is easy to fabricate onsite and its attractive appearance makes it ideally suited for architects and designers to develop a wide range of commercial, industrial, retail, leisure and consumer cladding and decking applications.

Woozen, is new and exclusively distributed in the UK by David Clouting.

David Clouting Ltd
www.davidclouting.co.uk/woozen-eco-friendly-w ood/
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