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Aalborg Waterfront masterplan, Aalborg, Denmark

Wednesday 13 Jun 2012

Discovering the Waterfront

Aalborg Waterfront masterplan by CF MOLLER in Aalborg, Denmark
All images courtesy of C.F. Moller 
Aalborg Waterfront masterplan by CF MOLLER in Aalborg, Denmark Aalborg Waterfront masterplan by CF MOLLER in Aalborg, Denmark
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Second stage of the Aalborg Waterfront development announced 

C.F. Møller Landscape and COWI have been announced as the winners of the second stage competition for Aalborg’s new waterfront development. The landscape is inspired by the dunes in Northern Jutland. The first stage of the competition saw C.F. Møller Landscape also design the waterfront area around a new concert hall designed by COOP Himmelblau and this latest addition through the second stage has been selected to complement both winning designs.

The new masterplan for the second stage takes the same design ideals from the first stage, using the promenade as the tool that links and unifies the Aalborg waterfront. Taking the influence from the dunes of the Jutland there’s a strong emphasis on how the waterfront and the promenade connect.

The central element to the whole masterplan that C.F. Møller Landscape have proposed is the town plinth. The plinth forms a raised area that looks to add a connection and unifying element to the surrounding, distinctive architecture. The raised area of the plinth forms a rectangular plaza around the House of Music concert hall. The plinth also provides flood protection for the concert hall. There will be a series of fluid forms carved into the plinth that create functional spaces, sheltering occupants from wind and providing steps with integrated seating.

In the larger promenade further plazas will create large green spaces which will be filled with dense groves of trees.

Materiality is important in defining the areas of the masterplan, rich and fine materials will be used for the plinth, in order to compliment the House of Music. To set the two areas apart the promenade and large plazas will be left raw and simple, materials such as asphalt, or cast concrete will be used, mirroring the use of materials in the first stage of the Aalborg Waterfront development that C.F. Møller Landscape have already completed.

Matthew Goodwill

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