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Centurion Symbio-City, Tshwane, South Africa

Wednesday 30 May 2012

A tall order

Centurion Symbio-City by @126 Architects in Tshwane, South Africa
Images: @126 Architects 
Centurion Symbio-City by @126 Architects in Tshwane, South Africa Centurion Symbio-City by @126 Architects in Tshwane, South Africa Centurion Symbio-City by @126 Architects in Tshwane, South Africa Centurion Symbio-City by @126 Architects in Tshwane, South Africa Centurion Symbio-City by @126 Architects in Tshwane, South Africa Centurion Symbio-City by @126 Architects in Tshwane, South Africa
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05/06/13 Gladwin, Pretoria
This is a great project as it will bring a great change in our people and our country, not just our country but to the whole continent of Africa. This project is going to change people's lives as it will bring great opportunities of employement and that it will lead to the increase of our economy. I am so excited and I can't wait for it.
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03/05/13 Rodger, Centurion
Hugo, I presume you are an experienced town planner or have extensive knowledge of city planning around development corridors to justify the statements you have made. Centurion is situated on the development corridor of Gauteng, Centurion is one of only 3 CBD's in the Gauteng development corridors, the other two being JHB and PTA. Sandton, Rosebank, Hatfield and Menlyn are high order nodes. The lake is a man made lake and merely a river. Dolomite is the densest rock after diamonds and spreads over kilometers which provides for probably the best anchor for high rise buildings.

But most importantly, the location of Centurion is prominent taking the access to the two major hi ways and the Gautrain station. The money travels past Centurion from PTA East to JHB and JHB North daily with Centurion having the best access from the major hi ways than any of the other CBD's or high order nodes. I think this is to much information for you at this point.
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26/06/12 hugo, Pretoria
Even if it is built - it's location simply isn't great, How can you build a skyscraper in an area that lends itself to small businesses? Centurion isn't exactly a CBD....Also - it is going to built in a lake, on dolomite. Not exactly smart...
07/06/12 interchange42, Toronto
This is a ridiculous vanity project which does not have a chance of being built. Why run something so silly?
31/05/12 abhishek, delhi
It's ver inspiring and shows a great deal of potential and talent of the designer.
it's smthing about people will think very rarely.

City of Tshwane to get Africa's tallest tower 

Johannesburg-based architects @126 have released designs for the tallest building in Africa. The 110-storey structure is part of triple-tower development in Tshwane, South Africa, collectively known as Centurion Symbio-City. Destined for completion in 2018, the project was announced by Mayor Kgosientso Ramokgopa last week and has been met with mixed reaction from locals.

The mixed-use facility is planned to include residential units, office space, retail facilities, and hotel and conference spaces, however its close proximity to existing commercial venues is something of a concern. Local publication IOL News reported yesterday that: “Businesses around the Centurion lakeside mall, where [the project] is expected to be built, said Centurion was going through an economic slump and would not be able to handle the influx a project of this nature could bring.”

Renderings from @126 show a 447m tower reaching skywards with a vertical column of wind turbines embedded in its form. Several layers of mass complete the structure which is flanked by two smaller towers (336m and 210m) which mirror the central building’s multi-layered form. If completed, the main building would surpass the current tallest building in Africa, the Carlton Centre in Johannesburg, by a staggering 224m.

@126’s proposal does not only include the triple tower cluster, but looks to invigorate the surrounding area by the Centurion Lake with soft landscaping and a series of arching pedestrian bridges. Located in and around the Lake itself, the development will stretch over 10 hectares of land. A new monorail system has also been suggested to link the residents and users of the Centurion Symbio-City development with Gautrain rapid rail station.

Mayor Ramakgopa commented: “The development is a reflection of the range of economic opportunities, cultural experiences, safety and a quality physical environment that Tshwane offers. The availability of a variety of effective and efficiently provided public services, as well as affordable and green commuting options and amenities are all important factors in creating a high quality living experience. The construction of this development will also assist towards job creation, by generating in excess of 10,000 jobs during construction and in excess of 4,000 sustainable jobs post-construction.”

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@126 Architects
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