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ArcelorMittal Orbit, London, United Kingdom

Tuesday 15 May 2012

ArcelorMittal Orbit completes

ArcelorMittal Orbit by Anish Kapoor in London, United Kingdom
All images: ArcelorMittal 
ArcelorMittal Orbit by Anish Kapoor in London, United Kingdom ArcelorMittal Orbit by Anish Kapoor in London, United Kingdom ArcelorMittal Orbit by Anish Kapoor in London, United Kingdom ArcelorMittal Orbit by Anish Kapoor in London, United Kingdom ArcelorMittal Orbit by Anish Kapoor in London, United Kingdom ArcelorMittal Orbit by Anish Kapoor in London, United Kingdom
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23/05/12 Bandana, New Delhi
This would have looked better next to Eiffel Tower.Anish Kapoor Big is not always beautiful.
23/05/12 Rui, mumbai
I like the lighting design. Besides that, super ugly and out of place & scale.
22/05/12 Dushko, Auckland
Whatever the London Olympiad has achieved by designing the Stadium so simple and elegant as to keep its carbon footprint at a minimum, has now been ruined by this extravagant folly.
22/05/12 Ivan, Miami Beach
Interesting, but highly inappropriate for an international sports venue... a little play with the olympic colors or the olympic rings would have made this "sculpture" more visually effective.
22/05/12 Jonathan, Hackney
I see this thing nearly every day and with each viewing it gets worse, it is crude, vain and ugly. When the Olympics are are over I hope that it is consigned to a nightmarish memory and the scrapyard where it surely belongs
22/05/12 Howard Stein, New York City
Invariably, art that is new is declared "ugly" before anything else. This is a new form, and bringing decades old design criteria to it may be doing it a disservice.
Its strangeness is its excitement. It's been produced by two giants in sculpture and engineering, so I am inclined to let this digest, and wish that I could visit in person.
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22/05/12 Joseph, Malta
Twenty Two point Seven Million Pounds? For this?
20/05/12 Benjamin, London
I still find it amazing that so many critics of this structure can muster nothing more than declaring it "ugly".
That said, I think there are certainly some compromises that have hindered its sculptural function - namely the overly weighty viewing platform, which interupts the roller-coaster ride that ones gaze would otherwise be taking.
Also, in terms of its immediate context, the tower's colourful exhuberance would work better in contrast to a flatter and greener environment, as opposed to more steel tubing of the stadium. Of course, the original idea was that most of he visible stadium be dismantled after the Olympics, but unfortunately, I gather that this may no longer be the case.
Simply screaming "ugly" speaks of nothing other than the conservatism of the screamer.
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Complex engineering feat of ArcelorMittal Orbit realised in London 2012 Olympic Park 

The 18-month construction period on the highly contested ArcelorMittal Orbit at the London 2012 Olympic Park reached conclusion this week, celebrated by an event which saw the first members of the public take the 455 steps to the structure’s viewing platforms. From within the two 300 sq m inside viewing decks, visitors were able to gain panoramic views of the Olympic Park and London skyline for 20 miles in every direction.

Designed by acclaimed artist and sculptor Anish Kapoor and renowned structural engineer Cecil Balmond, the 114.5m-high sculpture was largely funded by global steel firm ArcelorMittal who stumped up £19.6m of the full £22.7m cost. The remaining £3.1m was funded by the Greater London Authority.

ArcelorMittal has largely sourced the 2,000 tonnes of steel used in construction from its Western Europe plants however token quantities of the material have been included from each continent where the firm has a plant. The company has also taken a level of sustainability into account, ensuring that 63% of the steel used was from recycled sources.

Situated between the Populous-designed Olympic Stadium and Zaha Hadid Architects’ Aquatics Centre, the ArcelorMittal Orbit is the tallest sculpture in the United Kingdom and reaches 22m taller than the Statue of Liberty. Its extravagant design has been a talking point for Londoners both within the AEC community and for the general public, splitting the critics into teams of either ‘love’ or ‘hate’.

When we first posted images of the twisted sculpture, we received comments such as:

If the Logo wasn't bad enough already! One wonders: how was this presented and who approved it? What alternatives were proposed and why were they rejected in favour of this? One can only hope that the public will not let Johnson, Kapoor and Mittal get away with this monument to over-inflated egos, excess of money and perverted aesthetic taste. It is a demented fairground ride, the Emperor's new clothes. (Keith, London)

Don't get me wrong, I love the architecture of the London Olympics and I love Anish Kapoor's work, but the (catchily-named) ArcelorMittal Orbit is ugly. Really ugly. I see no connection between Kapoor's recent work and this twisted metal 'thing'. (Paul Zara, Brighton)

This 'piece of art' is like a deformed waste paper basket, and will confirm to the world that we are all undoubtedly basket-cases. Why does it have to be so wretchedly UGLY? I think that spending money on Art in a recession is undoubtedly a good idea, because Art enriches life, and underlines the need to see far beyond the temporary economic problem, but this is not a Michaelangelo, this is like an Ikea waste paper bin that has been sat on. (Rosepoet, Brighton)

So have your opinions changed now that the ArcelorMittal Orbit has been completed?

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Status Completed
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Anish Kapoor

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