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Wednesday 25 Apr 2012

Gehry's Magnum OPUS

OPUS HONG KONG by Gehry Partners LLP in Hong Kong
All images: Swire Properties 
OPUS HONG KONG by Gehry Partners LLP in Hong Kong OPUS HONG KONG by Gehry Partners LLP in Hong Kong OPUS HONG KONG by Gehry Partners LLP in Hong Kong OPUS HONG KONG by Gehry Partners LLP in Hong Kong OPUS HONG KONG by Gehry Partners LLP in Hong Kong
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24/08/12 Roland, Singapore
I expected more from Frank Gehry than this.

Really disappointing. Doesn't standout and doesn't capture any imagination.

A wasted opportunity to design something truly iconic on the slope of one of the most expensive real estate in the world.
15/05/12 Aravind, Abu dhabi
Pathetic! Ridiculous! Absolutely out of context. The building is an insult to the site. Hope and pray this doesn't get built!

Over the years he has done some horrible works and this must be the worst of all.
11/05/12 Andres, Bath, UK
The Carbon foot print of that building might be even higher than it's price... that's the Gehry brand I guess
05/05/12 raj, indore
ridiculous are the way designs are structuredaround a thinking which seems to not be a haumane approach..fran gehry has over the years developing architecture for all the eeccentricties...may be appealing in th epublic structures..but residential developments needa diff vocabulary which is more user freindly!!
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03/05/12 abu razeen, kuala lumpur
as long as there are absurd people with a lot of money to waste, this kind of absurd and wasteful building will always be able to sell...................

but then again 'absurdity' and ' wastefulness' are very subjective in our present world.
02/05/12 Joe, Sydney
Well said Jason - what a waste of time and money, how will they paint and clean them too!
02/05/12 Barry, JHB
This must easily be Gehry's most poor work to date. I hope he doesn't spoil his legendary career with weak projects like this. Rather just retire...
02/05/12 Sy Auerbach, F.A.I.A., CHEVY CHASE, MD.
Ghehry's building falling down,
Falling down,
My fair building!

Why the devil is twisting a building mass in all sorts of ways deemed to be outstanding design. Oh fair computer !
02/05/12 Manju C. Dave, Watford
Marshmallow, Mint and Chocolate! Extruded form.
Is there a take on sustainability? Stupendous location.
01/05/12 Jason, Japan
Why would anyone encase the steel columns with clear glass ? That's pure stupidity !

What's the purpose ?! Such a waste of resources.

First look at Gehry's new residential building 

OPUS HONG KONG, a new luxury residential property designed by Frank Gehry for Swire Properties has opened in Hong Kong. Located on Stubbs Road on The Peak, the sculptural 12-storey building houses two double-level garden apartments and 10 apartments of some 6,000 sq ft, each with a unique floor plan and each occupying a full floor.

“With its remarkable views and lush green hillside, OPUS HONG KONG’s extraordinary location offered us the opportunity to create something unique, something that is unlikely to be replicated anywhere else”, said Frank Gehry. “The building has been designed to enhance and reflect Hong Kong’s distinctive landscape and is custom-made for the city it overlooks”.

The unconventional structure has a spiraling series of graceful curving facades replacing the traditional grid outlines of a monolithic apartment block. In keeping with its natural setting, Gehry took an organic approach to the design of the building, which features finely tuned glass enclosed columns twisting around the building like reeds swaying in a breeze.

The structure’s helical form also allows the open plan apartments to flow around the building’s central core, with the sinuous façade of the building comprised almost entirely of glass. As a result the interiors are light and airy with minimal interruptions to the view.

“Working with Swire Properties has been a great experience,” said Gehry. “They are very well educated to the issue of creative spirit in architecture. I sincerely hope the people of Hong Kong will be as excited as we are at this new addition to their extraordinary city.”

Sharon McHugh
US Correspondent

Key Facts

Status Completed
Value 0(m€)
Gehry Partners LLP

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