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Klong Toey Community Lantern, Bangkok, Thailand

Friday 16 Mar 2012

A shaft of light in the darkness

Klong Toey Community Lantern by TYIN tegnestue in Bangkok, Thailand
All images: TYIN tegnestue Architects 
Klong Toey Community Lantern by TYIN tegnestue in Bangkok, Thailand Klong Toey Community Lantern by TYIN tegnestue in Bangkok, Thailand Klong Toey Community Lantern by TYIN tegnestue in Bangkok, Thailand Klong Toey Community Lantern by TYIN tegnestue in Bangkok, Thailand Klong Toey Community Lantern by TYIN tegnestue in Bangkok, Thailand Klong Toey Community Lantern by TYIN tegnestue in Bangkok, Thailand
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03/04/12 Keith, London
I agree with Rui's comment. The hard concrete and sharp corners are very dangerous for kids and I'm very surprised that they didn't at least chamfer them off. My impression of the Thais is that although they have little ideas about health and safety in general they do love their kids and look after them. My guess is that they would apply some soft furnishings on the concrete. In Bangkok the days are too hot for kids to play outside even in shade. The few playgrounds that I saw there were deserted during the day. The kids are taken our after sunset when the place has cooled down. Thai design is very creative and decorative so sucha "hard-edge" concept is unusual to say the least.
Let's hear more about this from the architects!
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24/03/12 Keith Fielder, London
I am disappointed that my comment made last week was not posted. I'll try again. This is a very nice project that makes a welcome change from the usual menu of glass and steel towers in sometimes ridiculous designs. I would really like to be informed how these Norwegian architects overcame the visa and language barriers to engage a client who is so far not named and should be identified in order to complete the report.There must be an interesting story behind this project.Thank you.
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21/03/12 rui, mumbai
Even though the intention and execution of the concept is very good and noble, i feel that as a play area for kids ,and esp. those who cannot afford regular medical attention, the design is a bit too hard and edgy. specifically, the slats on which small kids can be seen climbing have a concrete floor below as well as the swings are too close for comfort. a child falling off from there could be in serious trouble.
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20/03/12 Keith, London
What a delightful change from the usual sterile steel and glass skyscrapers! There has to be a fascinating story about how the Norwegian architects got onto this project (who was the client?) and spent a year on R&D and speaking with local residents. When I spent a year in Bangkok recently I found the language incomprehensible and the visa requirements restrictive so how did they do that? Anyone know?
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TYIN tegnestue Architects completes interactive play space in Bangkok slum 

Over the years, Western travellers have flooded to Thailand to sample its vibrant culture, buzzing markets and unique way of life. While holiday-makers sun themselves on white beaches and gap year students dance their way through the famous Full Moon parties, millions of local residents continue to battle the growing issues of unemployment, poor sanitation and healthcare, lack of public services and mass sub-standard living.

The area of Klong Toey in Bangkok is home to one of the oldest informal dwellings in the city and with more than 140,000 residents the slum is in desperate need of - among other things - an architectural investment to catalyse a change in the region. TYIN tegnestue Architects have instigated a scheme with students and members of the community which they consider ‘a small contribution that might lead to positive change’.

The team spent a year undertaking wide-scale research and development, speaking with local residents and organising workshops to gauge how their skills could best help Klong Toey’s population. Taking only three weeks to design and build, the redevelopment of a small courtyard and construction of a 12m by 1.2m structure have rejuvenated part of the slum and inserted a space for sports, performances, public meetings, walls for climbing, and social areas with seating both inside and around the edges of the playground.

Intrinsic to the build was the preservation of an existing football field where local children meet to play regularly. In order to support the new architectural structure, TYIN tegnestue Architects had to insert a concrete base due to poor ground conditions and contend with limited space issues as the community was adamant that the full size of the neighbouring field be kept intact.

The architects maintain: “The main construction’s simplicity, repetitive logic and durability enables the local inhabitants to make adaptations that fit with their changing needs without endangering the projects structural strength or the general usability of the playground. This way the project runs in parallel with the ever changing surroundings and fits with the idea that the project could be part of a larger call for a more sustainable development in the Klong Toey area.”

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TYIN tegnestue

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